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There are a lot of fan made Pokemon games. One of them is Pokemon Zeta. You perhaps look for Pokemon Zeta ROM for Android. In Pokemon Zeta you will dive into a new adventure of a young Pokemon Trainer. The storyline of the game is about a young hero of Nyasa Town when she/he fights an organization of terrorist to revenge her or his home and save the world. The setting of the game is in the Vesryn region and it is made of three landmasses. Those are the Mainland, the Chrome Circle and also the Vesryn Spear. The Vesryn Spear can you access after you beat the Elite 4 and include the second part of the plot which then the second region can you access, too. There are many kinds of locations like cities in the clouds, underwater cities and also in the space. The trip over the world is done to beat Team Asgard or Team Olympus. Team Asgard is led by Odin (Zeta) and Team Olympus is led by Zeus (Omicron). It is done before they abuse the power of certain Pokemon to be gods by themselves. When Team Asgard or Team Olympus attacks, you have a task to save the world. And you will meet the characters from older games along the way and revenge your dearest in the story which contains of twists. For a change of pace, you are able to try to visit the Aroma region. A terrible plague has expropriated the region and make Pokemon turn to be shaded and broken. So, you have to decide what you are going to do by having Pokemon Zeta ROM for Android.

Pokemon Zeta ROM for Android
Pokemon Zeta ROM for Android
Pokemon Zeta ROM for Android


Pokemon Zeta ROM for Android Download

The features of the game are:

  1. Seventy hours is available to play the game because the big collection of content will make Pokemon fans satisfied.
  2. There are 2 regions, 4 sigil halls, and 12 gyms. There is the Battle Frontier as well where players are able to show their strenght.
  3. The storyline will take time to play.
  4. This game is not easy because the difficulty has been increased.
  5. The limit of the level is 120. This game becomes the first Pokemon fan made game that enables players to train their Pokemon longer.
  6. The function of GTS will allow you to trade and battle with the other players by using internet.
  7. In this game, the Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Colloseum and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness returned.
  8. There is Delta Pokemon that appears in Pokemon Trading Card Game.
  9. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V can be caught.
  10. You can customize your secret bases.
  11. There is Mega Evolution.
  12. Daycare Garden is available to breed eggs and take care your Pokemon.

It will be fun to play this game. So, you just have to download Pokemon Zeta ROM for Android in the websites of Pokemon games if you want to play it in Android. You are also able to discuss about it with the other Pokemon fans in the community of Pokemon games.

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