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In October 2013, Nintendo released Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. These games are the first installments in the 6th generation of the Pokemon series games. Similar to prior installments, the games are about the journey of a young Pokemon trainer and his friends when they train Pokemon. In these games, the setting is in the Kalos region which the location is based on France. The game is aimed to fail the schemes of criminal organization Team Flare while trying to challenge the Pokemon League Champion. In Pokemon X and Y, there are 72 new Pokemon species that includes new features like customization of character, new type of Fairy, updated battle and training mechanics and rendered polygonal 3D graphics. This games become the best selling games on the system because they were sold 16.11 million copies.

Pokemon Z ROM Hack Download

After the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, people think that there will be a sequel of these two games. There are some rumors that Pokemon Z will be released in Fall 2016 and it makes a lot of Pokemon fans search for Pokemon Z ROM hack download. But the fact is that Pokemon Z is not released. Instead of releasing Pokemon Z, the company released Pokemon Sun and Moon on November 18, 2016.

There are not a lot of information about Pokemon. But, several sources state that it will feature all of the monsters from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. There are some reasons of why Pokemon Z is not released yet. Releasing Pokemon Z with Pokemon Sun and Moon can cause the publisher to split the marketing budget into two and it gives the negative effect towards the sales of both games. Learning from the previous generation that the sequel is usually not more successful than the main games.


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If Pokemon Z will be really released, it was said that the story will be centered in legendary Pokemon called Zygarde which is able to evolve in five different stages. It will grow from a blob into a flat form, a dog, a snake and the final form is hoped to be more stronger than Xerneas and Yveltal that are the other two of legendary Pokemon. Something that reinforces the rumor of Pokemon Z is a picture of monster that is published in a Japanese magazine CoroCoro that gives a clue that legendary Pokemon which will you meet during the games is the new version of Zygarde. As Pokemon lovers, perhaps you know Zygarde which has 5 different form. Another speculation says that Xerneas and Yveltal which are present in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will also appear in Pokemon Z. Those three monsters will be the part of lore new Pokemon and refers to the mythology of Norwegian or Viking.

So, if you can not find Pokemon Z games and you can not do Pokemon Z ROM hack download, it is better you play the other games of Pokemon while waiting for the release of Pokemon Z. Or, you are also able to discuss and ask more about Pokemon Z with the other fans of Pokemon in a forum of Pokemon community.

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