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Do you often play Pokemon? Are you familiar with the hack version of the games of Pokemon? Have you ever felt bored of the hack of Pokemon due to the facility of the game? If you think that a lot of remake versions of games of Pokemon made by many authors are all easy, please check out Pokemon Vega. Do you know Pokemon Vega?

If you look for some challenge, Pokemon Vega might be the answer. According to the members of Poke Community, an online community of Pokemon, Pokemon Vega is hard. Many members of that community consider Pokemeon Vega as one of the most difficult hacks all the time. Many of them have given up on the game because of its difficulties. How about you? Are you interest on this game and feeling challenged? If yes, then, go find Pokemon Vega hack ROM download.

Pokemon Vega is one of the hacks of Pokemon Fire Red. Aside for known as the hack version of Pokemon Fire Red, it is also the sequel to Pokemon Altair or Pokemon Silrus and prequel to Pokemon Procyon or Pokemon Denab. This game was released in the year of 2016. Right now, this game is fully translated into English. With English, it will be easier for everyone to understand and play the game. Pokemon Vega has a new patch. The latest version of the game is Beta 1.01.

It is said that Pokemon Vega was created by an author named Dr. Akimbo. Some of sources stated that some Japanese hackers and fans of Pokemon teamed up to create Pokemon Vega. There is no explanation whether Dr. Akimbo is the name of single author or the name of a group of those Japanese hackers.


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When we are talking about one of the most popular hacks of Pokemon, we cannot exclude Pokemon Vega on the list. Almost every fan of games of Pokemon has heard about this game. Can we count you in?

In Pokemon Vega, you will discover the new region called Tohoak. The region of Tohoak is described as the fun region with full of mysteries. That Tohoak region can give the new nuance and experience for you. You just have to explore the region to feel the feeling. To make it perfect, it consists of a lot of new Pokemon along with their moves. There are 181 new Pokemon in total. If you sum it with 56 Pokemon from the later generations, the total will be 237. Those new Pokemons and their moves can excite you and become such a good challenge for all of you.Aside from those mentioned above, other features of Pokemon Vega include a postgame with the facility of the battle and the re-battle thing that you able to do with almost all necessary trainers. Another thing that can amaze you is the soundtracts which are all customized by the hacking group.

Are you cannot wait to play one of the hardest games and explore the Tohoak region? Go find Pokemon Vega hack ROM download link right now!

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