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Have you ever heard about the game called Pokemon Uranium? This term must be familiar for you the fans of Pokemon games. Pokemon Uranium is counted as one of the remake versions of the Pokemon series. It is like the fan-made game. Pokemon Uranium was in a place called development for about nine years in total.

In Pokemon Uranium, there is a region named Tandor region. It is the region where the players of Pokemon navigate and meet more than 190 Pokemon in their travels. The story of Pokemon Uranium is about a hero, a young one, who is in his adventure in several regions and has been collected eight gym badges of Pokemon in total. In the end, he beat the Pokemon League in order to be the champion of the Pokemon. In the Tandor region, a lot of Pokemon, the original ones, have transformed after the radiation. In this case, what should players do is to do the battle and to make the transformation stop.

It seems like there are a lot of people who are fond of Pokemon Uranium. are you one of them? According to the team of development of Pokemon Uranium, this game has been downloaded for more than 1.5 million times over the past week. Do you also want to download Pokemon Uranium and play the game on your personal computer or smart phone? For all the users of smart phone must be wondering about are Pokemon Uranium ROM GBA4iOS and Android available?

Pokemon Uranium ROM GBA4iOS
First of all, sorry to all of you. These upcoming sentences will be kind of bad news for you. Apparently, Pokemon Uranium is considered as the unlicensed game created by the fan. As an unlicensed game, this game has been deleted by its creator. The deletion was done by the creator itself due to the multiple notifications take down from the representative or the lawyer of Nintendo of America. Actually, the development team of Pokemon Uranium have not been contacted directly by the representative of Nintendo of America. It is just the understanding of development team of Pokemon Uranium about the case. In this case, they understand what Nintendo of America wants. The wish of Nintendo of America is no other than Pokemon Uranium being removed.


Download Pokemon Uranium ROM GBA4iOS HERE

Because of the deletion, Pokemon Uranium cannot be downloaded. It means that Pokemon Uranium ROM Windows, Pokemon Uranium ROM Android, or Pokemon Uranium ROM GBA4iOS do not existed anywhere.

Go look around some online communities of Pokemon to dig up about Pokemon Uranium. do not hesitate to ask everything related to Pokemon Uranium. If you are lucky enough, they might help you to get Pokemon Uranium for Windows, Pokemon ROM Android, or Pokemon Uranium ROM GBA4iOS.

Even Pokemon Uranium has been surrounded by many dramas. In the year of 2016, Pokemon Uranium got nomination as the Best Fan Creation in the Game Awards 2016. Although, it was removed from the page of nomination alongside the Metroid fan game AM2R. Unfortunately, it was removed without notice.

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