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Several regions in Pokemon games are actually inspired from the real world, it can be either from Japan or out of Japan. Unova region is a region that is used as a setting in Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Black and White Version 2 as well. Different from the prior regions which are taken from islands in Japan, Unova region is actually inspired from New York City, America. This region is far away from the other existing regions. Therefore, the Pokemon from Unova region are different. If you want to play Pokemon with Unova region, you are able to do Pokemon Unova Region GBA download.

The view of this region is very beautiful with two mountain, marshes, woodland areas and desert that spread across the island. Unova’s map has 19 main settlements, 23 routes and 31 places of interest. The name of Unova itself is derived from the word of Japanese for “one variety”. Masuda as the director of the game says that this is to state that even tough the region has a variety of species and race, they are all similar to living creatures if it is viewed from a distance. It sounds like pieces of the phrase United States of America as well.

Cities and towns that are exist in this region are Nuvema Town, Aspertia City, Floccesy Town, Virbank City, Accumula Town, Striaton City, Nacrene City, Castelia City, Nimbasa City, Anville Town, Driftveil City, Mistralton City, Lentimas Town, Icirrus City, Opelucid City, Humilau City, Lacunosa Town, Undella Town, White Forest, Unova Pokemon League, and  Black City. Nuvema town which is the first town in Unova is a very small area. This town is the residence of the player and their rivals, Cheren and Bianca. Here is a location of Lab of Professor Junipe and all at once it also becomes the place where the player start their journey. Choosing the starter Pokemon is also done by the player in this town. The Pokemon that can be chosen by player here are Snivy which is a grass type, Tepig which is Fire type or Oshawott which is water type.


Pokemon Unova Region GBA Download

The interesting places of this region are Liberty Garden, Entralink, P2 Laboratory, Dreamyard, Wellspring Cave, Pinwheel Forest, Relic Castle, Cold Storage, Mistralton Cave, Chargeston Cave, Celestial Tower, Twist Mountain, Dragonspiral  Tower, Moor of Icirrus, Pokestar Studios, Pokemon World Tournament, Floccesy Ranch, Oath Woods, Cave of Being, Clay Tunnel and Undergound Ruins, Reversal Mountain, Plasma Frigate, Nature Sanctuary, Challenger’s Cave and Victory Road.

So, Unova region is really wonderful and perhaps you want to play the game that takes place in this region. Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Black and White Version 2 can be your choice. You are able to do Pokemon Unova Region GBA download in this site.  If you need more information about Unova Region and the other things which are related to this region, you are able to discuss it with the other fans of Pokemon in the forum of Pokemon community.

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