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Pokemon Universe is the term to call the fictional construct. The term is alive in the stories and fictions of a video games company called Game Freak. For your information, Game Freak was formed by the creator of Pokemon named Satoshi Tajiri.

In Pokemon, Pokemon Universe consists of many places. Those places are the background of the games of Pokemon. The life of Pokemon Universe was started when Arceus, a single Pokemon was created this universe. Then, Arceus made Dialga, Palkia, and Girantina. With the forming of the Pokemon Universe, a lot of starts, planets, and the other creatures of the space were created.

Some sources stated that there are two famous planets in Pokemon Universe. The first one is Pokemon World and the last one is Pokemon Unnamed World. Pokemon World is the main planet which becomes the place of both Pokemon and humans to live. There are some regions exist in the Pokemon World. Those regions are Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola. There are also several islands in the Pokemon World such as Orange Islands and Sevii Islands.

Pokemon Universe Download GBA Another planet is Pokemon Unnamed World. This place is the place where Deoxy came. This is such a hidden place for Deoxy to hide. This planet is lost to Pokemon World when it comes to the screen play and popularity.

As stated before, Pokemon Universe can be defined as the universe or the places where the games of Pokemon take place. It means that if you are looking for Pokemon Universe download GBA, you only have to find the games of Pokemon with the place of Pokemon in it. Some of the games that take place in those regions and islands are Pokemon Fire Red Kalos, Pokemon Hoenn Adventures, Pokemon Johto Adventures, Pokemon Johto League Showdown, Pokemon Kanto Black, Pokemon Kanto Reformation, Pokemon Roads, Pokemon Orange Adventures, Pokemon Orange Generation, and many more.

If you want to play those hack versions of Pokemon, go find Pokemon Universe download GBA links on the internet. It has many. As your reference, we are going to give you short of thing related to those games.

Pokemon Universe Download GBA | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Pokemon Fire Red Kalos is the hack version of Pokemon Fire Red with some improvements. In this game, you will be the Pokemon Explorer. One day, you have to help a professor who is in help. He gives you a Pokedex and the reward. The game requires you to choose some options.

Pokemon Hoenn Adventures is the remake version of Pokemon emerald that was made by the author named Brock in the year of 2015. In the game, you will live in the place called Villa Root which is located in Hoenn region.

Pokemon Johto was created on 2012 by the author named Co500. It is based on Pokemon Fire Red. This game is in English, so everyone can party now. The Alpha 2.1 version is available to download for you.

Pokemon Kanto Black was owned by the author Mystery Man. In this game, there is no Gen I to Gen IV like any other games. It consists of Gen V and Gen VI instead.

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