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Playing game is very fun not only for children but also for adults. And Pokemon is one of the games that is very popular. Pokemon is a series of video games which is developed by Creature Inc. and Game Freak with Nintendo as a publisher which is a part of the Pokemon media franchise. Pokemon was released firstly in Japan in 1996 for Game Boy which is the main series of role playing video games (RPGs) and continue to each generation of handhelds of Nintendo.

The games are usually launched in pairs and the enhanced remake of the games launched several years after the original versions. The main series consist of role playing games, spinoffs which involves the othe genres like puzzle, digital pet games, and action role-playing. In February 2016, Pokemon games sold worldwide more than 279 million with more than 200 million from the main series. This achievement makes Pokemon be the 3rd best selling video game franchise, after the Nintendo’s Mario franchise and the series of Tetris of block puzzle games.

The mascot of the franchise is Pikachu. Pikachu is one of the species of Pokemon that has yellow color with small red circles in both of its cheeks. It is a fictional creature that appears in the video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games and comic books. It was designed by Atsuko Nishida which was finalized by Ken Sugimori. Pikachu become populer because it is a main character in the series of Pokemon anime.

Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM Download for Android


Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM for Android Download | Mirror

Pokemon Ultra Violet (Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM download for Android) is a game that is hacked from Pokemon Fire Red. Even though, it maintains the storyline and the general design, it is more attractive than the forerunner. You can play a nice game with a lot of improvements. Because it is like a new soul in an old body.

The features of Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM download for Android are:

  1. The title screen is new
  2. You are able to catch a lot of Pokemon which are from Fire Red abd Leaf Green
  3. Pokemon that are thrived through trading have been modified to thrive in another way
  4. There are all Pokemon and Legendaries from Gen I to III
  5. The dialogue of Poke Center Nurse is edited
  6. You can fill Coin Case in the room of Giovanni in the Rocket Hideout
  7. You can purchase Sun Stone and Moon Stone in Celedon Pokemart
  8. You also can buy Mystic Ticket and Aurora Ticket in the Seven Island
  9. You will be obeyed by Mew
  10. Transform Machine of Bill will work precisely
  11. There is at least a Shiny Pokemon
  12. After talking to Professor Oak, you will get the National Dex
  13. Bill will receive new text after the search of One Island
  14. There are new dialogues from Karate Masters
  15. Two Mystical Dogs will vanish when you pick up the two fossils in Mt. Moon. There are still some other features of Pokemon Ultra Violet. So, It will be fun to play it to know the other features. Let’s do Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM download for Android now to play the excitement.

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