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Playing games can be enjoyable not only for the kids but also adults. They like playing games because it can release stress. It is also fun and challenging because in the game there is usually challenges that must be completed so that you can level up and even finish the game. One of the games that is very popular is Pokemon games. Pokemon game is present from Gen I to VII. Even fans make hacked games from the original version of Pokemon such as Pokemon Ultra Violet from Fire Red and Snakewood from Pokemon Ruby. There is also Pokemon Turquoise. Perhaps you wonder how to do Pokemon Turquoise GBA download. Here we will find out.

Pokemon Turquoise is a Pokemon game that is hacked from Pokemon Fire Red and it is created by Tropical Sunlight. The story of the game is about you who will play as Jack or Lucia. You are able to listen a sentence from Giovanni that is “I shouldn’t have let Mario run Team Rocket while I’m gone. He is going to ruin everything! I have to get back to Florem, quickly!”. After that, you get up and still think about the dream. Is it a sign? Today is an important day because you receive Poke Ticket and you are able to go to the Lab of Professor Mango to gain your first Pokemon. You want to train and care your pokemon. You go out and then you hear that a Pokemon cries near Harmony River. Here, the game begins and the decisions are up to you as a player. From the storyline, perhaps you become curious and want to play the game.So, you are able to do Pokemon Turquoise GBA download.

Pokemon Turquoise GBA Download
Pokemon Turquoise GBA Download

What are the features of this game? The features of this game are:

  1. The scripts are new
  2. The events in the game are new
  3. There are also new Pokemon
  4. The story of the game is new
  5. The gameplay is thrilling
  6. The setting is underwater
  7. There is a new Rocket Leader


Pokemon Turquoise GBA | Download

So, after reading the storyline and the features that are owned by Pokemon Turquoise, you are interested and want to play the game, right? If you want to play the game, you are able to do Pokemon Turquoise GBA download in the internet. You can find the link to download in pokemonromhack.com. There, you can also download the other games such as Pokemon Dark Rising 2, Pokemon Sienna, Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie and James Edition, Pokemon Rocket Science, Pokemon Fire Red Rocket Edition, Pokemon Cyan and many others. There is also a trailer of the game so that you will know how the game is. Or you can play it in pokemongames.info.

The game is still in progress of developing to be complete. If you play the latest version Beta 1.2, you are able to see that almost the awesome features are wonderful. Even though, there will be several bugs and glitches when you play it, but you are really able to play Pokemon Turquoise well.

You can also share about Pokemon Turquoise in pokecommunity.com. You also can exchange the information about Pokemon games in the other forums.

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