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A lot of hacks of Pokemon games including hacks of Pokemon FireRed. Pokemon FireRed Version together with Pokemon LeafGreen Version are core series games of Generation III. Both games are set in the Kanto region. These games were launched in Japan on January 29, 2004. In the other countries, these games were launched 8 months later. In America, these games were launched on September 9, 2004. In Australia, these games were launched on September 23, 2004. In Europe, these games were launched on October 1, 2004. These games become the 2nd best selling games on the Game Boy Advance which then it makes these games get Player’s Choice Award of Nintendo.

One of the Pokemon games that hack of FireRed is Pokemon Top Secret. Perhaps you want to try this game and it means you have to do Pokemon top secret ROM hack download. Pokemon Top Secret was released in 2010 and it was created by megiddo. In this game, you are 16 years old that live in Orre Region. Because your father who is an engineer works in X region, you and your family have to move to that region. There, he will works with Professor Thibault in Legendlight. Legendlight is a group of good people which include polices, professors, engineers, and trainers that try to stop the Mafia Team Legends of Darkness. Here, you will find more information about Legends of Darkness. Your new house is in Mist Town. Professor Thibault has three Pokemon and you are able to select one. Then, he gives you one Pokemon and it becomes your first Pokemon. Professor Thibault hopes that you can be a good and strong Pokemon Trainer and he thinks that you have potentials for that. Then, you want to meet a lot of people and train your Pokemon as well. So, you go around the region. After that, you have to make your Pokemon Team so that one day you are able to aid Legendlight in completing their mission.


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There are some new features of this game that you can enjoy while you are playing this game.

  1. The plot of the game is new.
  2. There is brand new region.
  3. There are more Pokemon .
  4. There are also new characters.
  5. You will meet new rivals.
  6. There will be Super Mafia Team.
  7. The Graphics are new.

Are you interested in playing this game? Do you feel challenged and you want to play Pokemon Top Secret? You can play this game but before you play this, you have to do Pokemon top secret ROM hack download. Remember, to play this game, you need a GBA Emulator.

If you really like playing Pokemon games especially that is hack of Pokemon FireRed, there are the other choices that you can play. They are Pokemon Diabound, Pokemon Super Heart Red, Pokemon Fire Red 2, Pokemon Zoala, Pokemon Fire Yellow, Pokemon Francium, Pokemon Granite, Pokemon Smiley Face, Pokemon Blazing Red, Pokemon Alternate Evolutions, and many others.

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