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Pokemon TDT is one of the games of Pokemon. It seems like this game is not really well loved among the members of community of Pokemon. It is because there are not so many discussions about this game. There is no information about the less discussion about this game. Even so, every game of Pokemon is worth to try. Do you want to give a try to play this Pokemon The Darkness Time? Go look for Pokemon TDT GBA ROM download now!

Real talk, do you know what Pokemon TDT is? Does the title sound so strange? What is TDT exactly? TDT in this term stands for The Darkness Time. It means that Pokemon TDT can be called as Pokemon The Darkness Time. This game is counted as one of the ROM hack of the original game of Pokemon called Pokemon Fire Red along with Pokemon Apollo, Pokemon Black Orb, Pokemon Ash Gray, Pokemon Ash’s Quest, Pokemon Crimson, Pokemon Dark Flame, Pokemon Genesis, and many other hacks of Pokemon Fire Red.

The setting of Pokemon The Darkness Time is darker compared to the other games of Pokemon. This game also consists of a lot of culture references such as GoT, Park and Rec, and so on. This is one of the attractive things that can attract people. All the references to the television shows and games are such a fun hack for some of people.

There are about 151 original Pokedex in total. All of those original Pokedex are easy to be obtained. It is such a good news, right? Some people said that the story of Pokemon is not that great. Nevertheless, it is still good thanks to the pretty awesome humour. Do you want to know the story first before searching for Pokemon TDT GBA ROM download? Check this out!


Pokemon TDT GBA ROM Download

There lived a group of vile people which is more known by public as Team Amethyst. They tried to capture Rayquaza in the region of Hoenn. Unluckily, their plan was foiled by the Champion of Hoenn named Landon with the help of several other trainers. Some years later, a major disaster happened in the Kalos region. This disaster has made Yvetal reborn and all of the society of Lumiose City were abolished. This news were shook the entire Pokemon World. Everyone was afraid about what would happen later. To talk about this tragedy, the member of Elite Four and the Champions gathered together in some secret meetings. At first, a team called Team Plasma were the ones charged for the tragedy. However, they all were free after the real culprits found out.

Then, there were a team known as Team Amthyst which was lead by Amara. This team appeared from the ground and begged for the attention of the entire world. In the other case, Amara had Yveltal to damage Mount Silver. It made the route transportation between Kanto and Johto became impossible due to the damage of Tohjo Falls. What will happen next? Go play the game to find out about the answer.

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