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What you always do to kill your free time? Are you one of many who always spending it  by playing the game? How often do you play a game in a day? What will happen when you love a particular game too much? One of the possible answers is creating a new game based on the game that you love to damn much. This situation happens to Macky Rivera. For your information, Macky Rivera is the name of the author of Pokemon Super Mega Emerald. Are you curious about Pokemon Super Mega Emerald? Go search for Pokemon Super Mega Emerald ROM hack download.

As you can read from the title, Pokemon super Mega Emerald is the hack version based on the original game of Pokemon called Pokemon Emerald. Macky Rivera is found of Pokemon Emerald way to much. To express his feeling, he converts his love to remake the original game. He adds something to the original game but it is just a little. It is because he wants the hack has the same values as the original one. How can he do that? Thanks to a tool name Mega Evolution, it can make everything possible.

The author of Pokemon Super Mega Emerald adds the Mega Evolution to the game. nowadays, Mega Evolution is used by many to make the hacks of Pokemon. It is such a strong one, probably stronger than the others. You are able to mega evolve the Pokemon of yours with the help of Mega Stones (it is usually the Moon Stones in the game). Apparently, not all of Pokemon have their Mega Forms. The ones that have the forms are just in small number. However, some Pokemon can have two different Mega Forms. Once it transformed, keep calm and do not have to worry about their powers. Carry on and fight all your opponents.


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There are some features that consisted on Pokemon Super Mega Emerald. In the game, you are able to catch the starters of Pokemon from Johto region and Hoenn region. Right now, Groudon and Kyogre own their Mega Forms. While playing the game, you can buy the Mega Stone in a place called Pokemon League and Lilycove City. For your information, there are two kinds of Mega Stone. The first one is to evolve and the last one is to return back to the normal form.

Are you cannot wait to play Pokemon Super Mega Emerald? Get the game now by doing Pokemon Super Mega Emerald ROM hack download. hope you enjoy your time while playing one. After discovering this game, the story behind creating the game, and else, are you inspired by the author? How about making the remake version of your favorite game? As stated before, it is like one of the ways to express your love. Do not forget to share with others when you are success making the remake or the hack version of your favorite games. Try and good luck!

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