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Pokemon Strangled Red is one of the hack versions of Pokemon. Actually, it is the pirate version. This thing was written for the first time by ShadowMaleRenamon on a community of the website. The name of the community is Strangled Red Community while the website named DeviantArt. The written of it was on January 14th, 2011.

In Pokemon Strangled Red, you are supposed to be a boy. The name of the boy is Steven. It is already set on the game that your name is have to be Steven. Overall, Creepypasta is considered creative and good one. Nevertheless, it is not that scary at all. Is Pokemon Strangled Red ROM hack download on your mind now? Hold on!

This Pokemon Strangled Red is basically about a man, his neighbor, one version of Pokemon, and a trash can. One day, he found a version of Pokemon. Apparently, it was Pokemon Fire Red. This version of Pokemon was found in the trash can of his neighbor’s house. The part of package was ripped. It was around the neck of Charizard. When he found the game of Pokemon on the trash can, he went to the house of his neighbor and met him. He asked him if he could have the game. As the answer, his neighbor said that he never owned that game of Pokemon Fire Red. Knowing this, the boy took the game of Pokemon and back to his own house.


Pokemon Strangled Red ROM Hack Download

In his house, he entered the bullet into his Game Boy Color (GBC). It looked like somebody has ever played the game. As stated before, your name was Steven and you got the Charmander named Miki. The character of the game was not usual the Red just like on the original version of Pokemon Fire Red. Steven has a brother named Mike. He also considered him as a rival. Unlike the original character Red, Steven has a reputation in the story of his city. At first, the game seemed so normal at least until the player could not passed the Pokemon Tower. The story continued when he could beat his brother in the Council of the Four. Then, he asked him to switch his Miki for a while. With this, Mike could complete his Pokedex. Presumably, the mistake happened.

This situation forced the player to restart the game. He woke up around Pokemon Tower, it is in front of the grave of Miki. He found out that Miki was dead. Everything was lost. An idea suddenly came. He decided to bring back Miki with a Missing No. After that, Miki was renamed as M @ # $ and he back home alone. It was such a good thing when everything turned out well. Then, he looked at his Trainer Card and saw his name that had been changed into S!3v3n. He was so surprised and shocked. As adiition, his sprite was crazy and distorted. It looked like an ugly figure, the horrific one. His face turned black and his eyes turned red. He was so scared and closed the game as soon as possible and never play the game.

How was it? Go look for Pokemon Strangled Red ROM hack download and feel the story.

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