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Pokemon Stardrop is one of the good games of Pokemon. This game was released in the year of 2011 by the author named Pokepal17. It is counted as one of the remake version of Pokemon Fire Red along with Pokemon Apollo, Pokemon Ash Gray, Pokemon Ash’s Quest, Pokemon Black Orb, Pokemon Dark Flame, Pokemon Genesis, Pokemon Last King, Pokemon Zephyr, and many more. By being the remake or hack version of Pokemon Fire Red, it means that some things of the game are based on Pokemon Fire Red. It can be the characters, the settings, the storyline, and so on.

Then, what makes Pokemon Stardrop different from other remakes or hacks? The answer is probably the storyline of the game. The storyline of Pokemon Stardrop is so great and interesting. To find more about the story, try the game by looking for Pokemon Stardrop GBA download first.

According to the storyline of Pokemon Stardrop, there is no such totally pure thing in the world. However, there is an exception called Suicune. It is said to be the only pure thing. Probably. Suicune can be counted as one of the Legendaries of the region. He is called as the Legendaries for a reason. Apparently, Suicune has tried his best to clean up the hearts of people. He is doing this from the past to the present using his own powers. With doing this thing, the life will get better. Unfortunately, Suicune has been neglected since the past of few centuries along with Entei and Raikou. The exile of Suicune, Entei, and Raikou is done because of some reasons.


Pokemon Stardrop GBA Download

Let’s not to focus on Suicune, Entei, Raikou, and their misfortune too much and let’s back to the real game. The story of Pokemon Stardrop is about a young boy and his adventure. In fact, that boy is found of Pokemon way too much. In this game, you are supposed to be that boy. By being that boy, you should make your own decisions in order to complete the game. Later, you will be able to meet a few characters in your way. Those characters can help you to discover the storyline of the game, the detail one.

Pokemon Stardrop has a lot of good features such the completely new region, the new characters and the new rivals, the awesome Berry system, the travel of time, the Side Quests, the item trees, the Golden Poke Balls, the Fun Mini Games, and so on.  Those many features will make you enjoy and get the good feeling while playing one.

How does Pokemon stardrop sound so far? Are you interest on this game and want to play one now? For your information, this hack version of Pokemon Fire Red has the Alpha 1 as its latest version. The game is in English that makes you and everyone feel easy to play one. Go search Pokemon Stardrop GBA download, get one, and enjoy the game until the Seaside City GYM by playing the game on your GBA.

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