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Pokemon Sovereign Skies is considered as one of the games of Pokemon. This game was created by the author named Dragonflye. It was released for the first time in the year of 2012. Pokemon Sovereign of The Skies is based on the original version of games of Pokemon called Pokemon Emerald. On the other word, Pokemon Sovereign is the remake version or the hack version of Pokemon Emerald along with other ones such as Pokemon Flora Sky.

The storyline of Pokemon Sovereign of The Skies is very interesting. Overall, it is about Pokemon and their trainer, just like any other hacks. What makes it different is Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies is more focus to the trainers of Pokemon itself and their purposes of playing Pokemon. It is already known that Pokemon has been used to fight in many battles. A lot of boys and girls want to own the Pokemon and dream to be the trainer of Pokemon, the good one. On the contrary, there are a lot of people who have different goal in treating and playing Pokemon. Instead, they use the Pokemon of theirs for a bad purpose.

In Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies, you are supposed to be living in one of the calmest town in the region of Amitec called Hasperia. Apparently, you have a father who has a job as a professor. He has his own personal lab. In his lab, he research and investigate the activities of Pokemon. One day, you get a Pokemon from your father. He gives you Pokemon because he thinks that you are mature enough regarding your life. He believes that you are be able to make a good decision.


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With this, you can travel around the region of Amitec to study more about a thing called Pokemon. Aside from that, you can also collect all the GYM Badges. On your way, you will discover the secrets of Deoxys, Latias, and Latios. Those have the relation to the history of the region. This adventure will be so much fun and harder than you ever think.

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies is not complete yet. it is still about 70% with the current version Beta 2. The language of the game is in Germany, so it is such a hard thing for the one who do not speak that language. However, the game will be released in English version. The exact time of the release is not confirmed. Are you cannot wait for Pokemon Sovereign of The Skies English GBA download? To kill the time until the English version of the game release, how about playing the current version?

This hack of Pokemon Emerald is so wonderful because it has a few new features that you have never found in the games of Nintendo. Those new features include the brand new game plot, the new graphics, the catchable all Pokemon and Legendaries, the day night system, the season system, the team matches, the new battle backgrounds, the new music and sounds, thee ruins, the mini games, the safari zone, the more attracts usable outside, etc.

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