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Pokemon Shining Emerald is one of the hack of games of Pokemon based on the original Pokemon Emerald, as seen from the title. The name of the author of the game is Pokefun. In the year of 2011, Pokefun made this hack and released the first version of the game on a community of Pokemon. You can try this game by looking for Pokemon Shining Emerald ROM hack download.

The author released the game in 0.5 version. According to author itself, this version is basically just a slightly description of the full game. As you can see, this version still needs a lot of work and process. The music of the game has to be changed. Also, many sprites need to be fixed and corrected. Aside from that, the other things are a chunk of the text has to be edited, the back sprites have to be redone, and Ash’s Vs sprites also needs to be edited because it looks really stupid. Most of the things have not been completed yet.

The background of Pokemon Shining Emerald is Hoenn region. In this game, you are able to explore the region of Hoenn in all new 3D world as Ash Ketchum or Misty. You will have to face your rival named May and Brendan. Other characters of Pokemon Shining emerald are Birch, Maxie, Archie, Wally, and so on.

This following news is such a bad news for you a fan of Pokemon Shining Emerald. The author of the game has been disappeared since November 2011. It seems like this game is died and you do not get to try and play the completed version unless the author of the game appears again. So, for you who is waiting for the update, you can bury your wish of getting the update. It means that Pokemon Shining Emerald ROM hack download is forever stuck in 0.5 version.


Pokemon Shining Emerald ROM Hack Download

To heal your wound, how about check out another game of Pokemon with the similar name? The name of the hack is Pokemon Shining Opal. Pokemon Shining Opal is not the hack version of Pokemon Fire Red like Pokemon Shining Emerald. This hack was done by diegoisawesome and released in the year of 2008. This game is such an awesome one with some new features that you have never found in any other ones.

The story of Pokemon shining Opal is about the twelve years old boy who lives in a place named Goldenrod City. Apparently, you are supposed to be him. you live together with your mother. Just like any other boys, your dream is to have a Pokemon and be the champion of Pokemon. Somebody tells you about Professor Oak who is going to make a lab in Lake Zigger. You are late to get there because you face some problems. Charmander and Cyndaquil already taken by other boys. The only one left is Torchic and you pick it. What happen to you and your Pokemon? Play the game now!

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