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Are a die hard fan of Pokemon and love to try every hack of Pokemon? When we are talking about the hack, do not exclude Pokemon Scarlet on the list. It is a must try game.

Pokemon Scarlet is a game of Pokemon based on the original game of Pokemon called Pokemon Fire Red. According to its author, this game does not considered as the hack version. The author named .houndoomed calls this game as a fan made game instead. The game was created by using the RPG Maker XP. It is also a well-known one among the members of PokeCommunity.

Pokemon Scarlet was released by the author for the very first time to public in the year of 2007. It has been ten years since the first release, such a long time right? Even so, this game is still playable. Right now, Pokemon Scarlet is available to be downloaded in Beta 1 version. The language of the game is in English so it must be easy for all of you. If you are curious about this old game and cannot wait to try, you can find Pokemon Scarlet GBA download zip. Before getting one, how about check out the story of the game first?

The storyline of Pokemon Scarlet is such a classic one. The story of the game takes place 20 years before Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow. In the story, you are supposed to be a boy named Lance. As you probably know, Lance is one of the best yet known masker of Pokemon in this entire world. You have a cousin this game. he is Clair, a GYM Leader of Blackthorn City. Both of you move to Blackthorn City together, the time when you two being old. What will happen when the two protagonists grow up? the answer to the question can be found out only by playing the game. Go search for Pokemon Scarlet GBA download zip now in order to play the game.


Pokemon Scarlet GBA Download Zip

In Pokemon Scarlet, you are going to be in Koyoto region. This new region is located in the south of Sinnoh region. Koyoto region is a big region with sunny whether. Nevertheless, some areas of this region are covered by snow. This place is such an attractive place. One of the most attractive ones is a triangle of three small islands which is known as Tri-Islands. Despite of the beauty of the region, there are a lot of strange and mysterious things are happening around this region. Later, you get to discover the legend of the city under the city. Are you excited to play?

Pokemon Scarlet consists of some features. Those features are included the new TMs and HMs for your Pokemon, a lot of kinds of the new items and berries, there are about 8 new GYMs in total along with the leaders, there are 149 new Pokemon that have been customized by the author of the game, there is the new type of Pokemon named Pokemon Light, and so on.

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