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There are so many hack games of Pokemon that you can play. One of those hack games is Pokemon Sacred Gold. This game is remake from Pokemon Heart Gold and it was remade by Drayano. Perhaps you have played  Pokemon Fire Red Omega, Pokemon Spirit Gold, Pokemon Blaze Black and Volt White. Those hacks were made by Drayano as well and Pokemon Sacred Gold that will be discussed here is his 4th hack. You may be looking for Pokemon Sacred Gold Randomizer ROM. You don’t have to worry because we are going to discuss it here.

In Pokemon Sacred Gold, there are several changes that were done by him. The base of the game is still similar such as storyline, maps, the general order of major events etc. Nevertheless, this hack is still manage to bring a new series of features to spice up the experience of gameplay. There are 493 Pokemon that can be captured somehow in the game. Legendaries are kind of limited but you are able to build team with anything you want.  Almost all Pokemon are available before the first round of the Elite Four. You also will get the National Dex when you get the Pokedex so that it can make you easier to know what you have caught and what you have not caught.

Trainers have received new rosters to tie in with the variety of Pokemon that is greater so that  you will battle a much larger variety of Pokemon than you are going to see in advance. Gym Leaders and the other significant trainers have gotten a big boost to their difficulty. It means you have to be ready to take some hard fights.

The data of many Pokemon were changed which mean just extra level up moves but features like capabilities, the rates of experience, TM compatibility, and types might be changed. Some attack moves were edited as well. All moves that were changed in Black and White are also applied in Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver where possible. There are some edits of evolution which means you do not need to trade to get all of the Pokemon.


Pokemon Sacred Gold Randomizer ROM Download

Playing Pokemon Sacred Gold is fun and perhaps you want to randomize it and you look for Pokemon Sacred Gold Randomizer ROM in the internet. Usually, people are able to randomize the games of Pokemon by Universal Pokemon Game randomizer. But, as said by some of Pokemon fans that have tried it, randomizing Pokemon Sacred Gold using Universal Pokemon Game randomizer do not work. It happens because this hack can not be randomized because of several reasons. On the other hand, some said that you can randomize using universal by breaking the ROM into the individual files and randomize the files. Nevertheless, it is not worth it.

If you want to randomize this game but you do not know what kind of randomizer that you really can use, you are able to visit community forum of Pokemon games. You can ask and share anything related to Pokemon games including about randomizer.

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