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Pokemon Ruby is the third set of Pokemon games along with Pokemon Sapphire. It was released for the first time in the year of 2002 in Japan and on 2003 in North America, Australia, and Europe. Both of them are the first paired series of Generation III. Two years later, all of them became the best selling GBA or Game Boy Advance games of all the time.

Pokemon Ruby takes place in Hoenn region. In Pokemon Ruby, the player recently moved to a place called Littleroot Town.

Have you ever heard of randomizer? The randomizer is like a tool to make everything becomes possible. For example, you are a master of Pokemon who is walking in the first route of Kanto. When you go to the grass to find the Pokemon, the wild one, you normally will find Pidgey or Rattata. With randomizer, you can find other Pokemon such as Mewtwo. Is it even possible? Yes, it is. It can be done by a program called Universal Pokemon Randomizer.

Randomizer can randomizes the game so you will not be boring while playing the same Pokemon game all over. Does it can be used to Pokemon Ruby? Of course it can. How to get Pokemon Ruby Randomizer? Does it have Pokemon Ruby Randomizer ROM Android?

Some of you might always see people playing randomizers on personal computer. In fact, most of people love to play the game such as Pokemon in the smart phone like Android. Do you ever wonder if there is Pokemon Ruby Randomizer ROM Android or not?


Download Pokemon Ruby Randomizer ROM Android HERE

The answer to the question of does it have Pokemon Ruby Randomizer ROM Android is yes. You can get Pokemon Ruby Randomizer on your Android. How to get one? You just need to type Pokemon Ruby Randomizer ROM Android on the search engine and the result will be shown. Apparently, there are some websites that might help you to get the randomizer of Pokemon on your Android. One of the websites is Amino Apps. Please visit the website at www.aminoapps.com. According to the website, you can get Pokemon randomizer for the iOS and Android users. In the page, there are some links that will direct you to download one. Please select Pokemon Ruby Randomizer. It is between Pokemon Emerald Randomizer and Pokemon Sapphire Randomizer. After you click the link, the download will be automatically starting.

Another way is by visiting www.emuparadise.com. Here are the steps to get one. The first one is download the ROM of Pokemon game you want to get. The second one is download the emulator which suits the game of Pokemon you are going to play. The next one is download the Universal Pokemon Randomizer at the official website. Then, open the program and select Open ROM you want to randomize. After that, choose the setting of the randomization that you want to use. Click the button Randomize (Save) in order to save the setting to your ROM. Finally, the randomizer of Pokemon can be used by you to randomize Pokemon Ruby.

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