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Playing pokemon is very fun. A lot of people are interested in playing Pokemon. Actually, the idea of Pokemon comes from the hobby of the creator that is Satoshi Tajiri that liked collecting insects when he was child. In the game, the player will be called as Pokemon Trainer. The Pokemon Trainers have to do three goals to complete the content of Pokedex. You as a player have to catch all the species of Pokemon in the region where you are. Then, you are demanded to develop the species of Pokemon that you have so that they will be stronger an can win the battle. And the last, you will be required to defeat the Team Rocket.

The joy of playing Pokemon games makes the Pokemon lovers search for Pokemon ROM Hacks with Romance. Actually, there are a lot of fan made Pokemon games. The games are hacked from the original ones. They make the new version by doing hack of the exist version so that people will not be bored by the original version. Perhaps, you are bored by looking at the looks, features, and the story. So, to vanish the boredom, the fans make new version with new story, features and look. For example, there is Pokemon Ultra Violet that is hacked of Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Snakewood that is hacked of Pokemon Ruby Version, Pokemon Turquoise that is hacked of Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Nightmare that is hacked of Pokemon EmeraldĀ  and so forth.

Pokemon ROM Hacks with Romance perhaps is a little bit difficult to find. There are actually two games which contains of love stories. They are Pokemon Quartz and Pokemon Outlaw. In the Pokemon Outlaw, it is satire so that the love is not reasonable even though there is love story. The games of Pokemon are not made in romance because the main thing of Pokemon games is battling monsters and it is probably rather difficult and needs more creative skills to combine the love story and the battle of monsters.

Pokemon ROM Hacks with Romance


Pokemon ROM Hacks with Romance | Download

If you have great idea to combine romance and battle of monsters in Pokemon, you are able to make hacked games of Pokemon. If you are really interested in it, you need to take a look to any tutorial of making hacked games and you will do the editing job for creating the new one from the original version. To make it, you are able to invite others who are interested too by making thread in any forum of Pokemon games.

If you can not make or find the Pokemon ROM Hacks with Romance, for now, you are able to play the other version of Pokemon games such as Pokemon Reborn – Dark and Gritty, Pokemon Insurgence – Mega Game, Pokemon Light Platinum – Gripping, Pokemon Brown – With Notorious Vintage, Pokemon Advanced Adventure – Dark Fantasy, Pokemon Rejuvenation – Captivating, Pokemon Infernal Red and Natural Green – Adventurous, Pokemon Ash Gray – Addictive, Pokemon Toxic Purple – At Lavender Town, Pokemon Dark Rising – Quite Convoluted and many others.

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