Pokemon ROM Hacks With Riolu As A Starter

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There are a lot of hacks of Pokemon created by the authors to feed the hunger players. In every game of Pokemon, there is a starter that can be used by the players. Usually, the original or the hack games use a popular Pokemon as a starter. For instance, Charmander in Pokemon Red and Blue, Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow, Torchic in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Mudkip in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Cyndaquil in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, Eevee in Pokemon Eevee, and many more. Different from others, there is a game called Pokemon Glazed. In this game, you will find a Pokemon named Riolu as a starter. What is Pokemon Riolu and Pokemon Glazed? Go search for Pokemon ROM hacks with Riolu as a starter now!

Pokemon Riolu is part of Gen IV. This Pokemon is a type of fighting baby Pokemon. Pokemon Riolu is described as a small, blue, canine Pokemon. Its two legs are black and torso. It has a blue tail and a yellow collar. What stands out the most from this Pokemon is the rounded lumps on its backs of its forepaws. It also wears a black thing like mask and has red eyes.

Pokemon Riolu is considered a sensitive one. this Pokemon is sensitive to the type of energy named Aura. It is able to show these waves in order to communicate and sense them but it does not has the ability to use its powers well. Riolu has superhuman strength, stamina, and endurance which naturally appear like most of all fighting type Pokemon.


Pokemon ROM Hacks with Riolu as a Starter Download

Meanwhile, Pokemon Glazed is one of the hack versions of Pokemon Emerald created by redriders180. The author developed this game three years ago and released this remake for the first time in the year of 2012. Currently, this game is available in English and can be download in Beta 7 version. Even if this game has not completed yet and still in progress, it is still worth to try. You might find some minor bugs on the game but those bugs will be fixed really soon. So, are you going to play Pokemon Glazed now or wait for the full version? Go look for Pokemon ROM hacks with Riolu as a starter after you read this entire article.

You will be disappointed downloading and playing one. Many fans of Pokemon think that this hack is counted as one of the greatest Pokemon ROM hacks ever. The plot and the graphics of the game are the plus points of the game. those things can bring the new experience to you.

The beginning of Pokemon Glazed is similar like any other hacks. In the story, you are supposed to be a twelve years old boy. Just like any other people, your dream is to be a champion of Pokemon. Since you have gotten the permission from your mother to do your own journey to Tunod and be more nature and before, you decided to start the journey. For this journey, you have prepared a lot. However, there is a mysterious power which is trying to change the Pokemon World. How do you stop and handle that power? The question will be answer by playing Pokemon Glazed.

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