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Kalos is one of regions in Pokemon world where the adventure of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y takes place. The shape of this region is like five-pointed star and one of the biggest cities Lumiose City which is located in the north-central part of the region. Same as Unova which is inspired from foreign country that is New York City, Kalos is also inspired from one of foreign countries that is France. A game director of Pokemon, Junichi Masuda, says that “Kalos” is taken from Greek word that means beauty. There are 16 cities and towns and also Pokemon League in Kalos region. Because of the beauty of this place, some of Pokemon fans wants to play Pokemon ROM hacks with Kalos Starters.

The cities and towns in Kalos region are Vaniville Town, Aquacorde Town, Santalune city, Lumiose City, Camphrier Town, Cyllage City, Ambrette Town, Geosenge Town, Shalour City, Coumarine City, Laverre City, Dendemille Town, Anistar City, Couriway Town, Snowbelle City, Pokemon League and Kiloude City. And the landmarks of this region are Santalune Forest, Tower of Mastery, Chamber of Emptiness, Victory Road, Parfum Palace, Connecting Cave, Glittering Cave, Reflection Cave, Kalos Power Plant, Azure Bay, Sea Spirit’s Den, Poke Ball Factory, Lost Hotel, Frost Cavern, Terminus Cave, and Pokemon Village.


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Lumiose City is a metropolis of art and artifice that are dazzling and it is located in the heart of Kalos. Cyllage City is a city which is located between the sea and the cliffs. Santalune Forest is a forest where you can see gentle light that filter through the forest and the beauty makes this forest is famous for nature walks. Kalos Power Plant isĀ  a power plant that is responsible in generating solar power from space. Chamber of Emptiness is a void that is mysterious and no one can exist within in. Victory Road is a dangerous path to the Pokemon League that is going to break the hearts of even the hardest Trainers. Parfum Palace is a deluxe palace that was built 300 years ago by a king who hoped to display his power to all people. Glittering Cave is a cave where you have to lose all sense of direction when you wander via this cave and here also a place where Luminous Moss can glow emerald green. And many more places that has its own uniqueness in this region that can make you amazed.

Kalos Starter Pokemon that can be brought but you can not be found in the Kalos itself are Froakie that is the water-type Pokemon, Chespin that is the grass-type Pokemon and Fennekin that is fire-type Pokemon.

If you want to play Pokemon games where the setting is Kalos region with the starter Pokemon are Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin, you can play Pokemon X and Y. Or if you want to play the hack of Pokemon X and Y, there is Pokemon Neo X and Pokemon Neo Y that can be your choice. You can play the game Pokemon ROM hacks with Kalos Starters through this game.

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