Pokemon ROM Hacks Where You Are The Bad Guy

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Do you like playing a game like Pokemon both the original and the hack one? do you ever get bored while playing the similar characters all over again? Many games of Pokemon put the players as the protagonist. Being a protagonist for many times  is like a very bored one. It is flat and nasty. There is no enthusiasm on it. Sometimes, you want something that can heat and excite you. Sometimes, you want a challenge  that can make you improved and fly to another level of your life.

Is there any games of Pokemon ROM hacks where you are the bad guy? The answer to the question is yes. There are a lot of games of Pokemon that put you as a bad guy, just like you want to be. Where to find those games? You can find those games on the internet. As the reference, we will give you some.

One of Pokemon ROM hacks where you are the bad guy is Pokemon Fuligin. Pokemon Fuligin is one of the hacks of the original Pokemon Fire Red. The author named Sloo was created and released this game to public in the year of 2012. This game has been completed after the process of one year and six months.


In Pokemon Fuligin, you are a boy and live in a small city of ALORA together with your mother. You receive the first Pokemon and Pokedex as the asset to start your own journey around ALORA. You can get them all with the help of Professor Oak. On the other hand, your elder brother is part of the evil team named Team Rocket and wants you to join the team. You think a lot about it and decide to join the team. Finally, you will play the game as a bad guy, as you wished. Apparently, Team Rocket is not as bad as you thought before. You blend with them well and increase your status to be the leader of the team. What will happen next? Find the answer by playing Pokemon Fuligin now!

The features of Pokemon Fuligin are included 386 Pokemon from Gen I, Gen II, and Gen III; the new GYM leaders and characters; the good and long game play; and so on.

Another game of Pokemon where you are the bad guy is Pokemon Rocker Red. In this game, you will be a part of Team Rocket, just like in Pokemon Fuligin. The main purpose of this hack is not for changing the storyline and the region. The author wants you to feel the feeling as a bad guy, the same feeling as playing Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Leaf Green. Do you want to play one? Hold on and be patient. It seems like Pokemon Rocker Red is in an early process and has yet to be downloaded.

Hope you enjoy your time while playing the new character as the antagonist one. Keep  trying something new and do not limit yourself.

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