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Pokemon has a lot of fans either children or adults. Pokemon games started from 1996 until present. The games are usually released every year. So, for gamers it is a long time to wait the new game in every generation. Because of that reason, some of Pokemon fans that are creative make the hack of the existing game. For example, Pokemon Procyon that is hack of Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Resolute that is hack of Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Shattered Dreams that is hack of Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Vaporeon Blue that is hack of Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon XYZ that is hack of Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Sweet that is hack of Pokemon Fire Red and others.

Because of the popularity of the games, beside there are hacks of games, there are also channel, forum, community or other things that are related to Pokemon games. Have you heard Operationidroid? Or perhaps you have ever search Pokemon ROM hacks Operationidroid? Operationidroid is actually a youtube channel that is dedicated to provide tutorials for almost anything like video game system, computers, android and many more. For you who need some information about something like that especially that is related to Pokemon games, you are able to check the video of Operationidroid in youtube. Some of the videos that are available on Operationidroid are Pokemon X/Y: W3 (Complete), Infinity Blade 2 (Complete), Let’s Play: Pokemon Heart Gold – Team Rocked Challenge (Complete), Shinny Pokemon X and Y (Complete), Pokemon ORAS Shinny Sundays Season 3 (Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire) (Complete), Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Showcases and Guides, Pokemon Red Randomizer Versus w/FeintAttacks and Operationidroid, Pokemon X/Y Shinny Sundays Live (Complete), Pokemon X/Y Shinny Saturday and many more.


There is also Operationidroid2 that contains of anime reviews such as Junketsu no Maria Anime Episode Reviews, Tokyo Ghoul Root A Anime Episode Reviews, Death Parade Anime Episode Reviews, Angel Beats Anime Episodes Reviews and many more videos. The videos are usually posted 2 to 3 videos per week. So, if you want to search Pokemon ROM hacks Operationidroid, you are able to visit on youtube.

Okay, Pokemon always make people amazed either the games, anime, movie or manga. The cute and unique monsters is one of the reasons why people like it. Then, The way of playing of this game is also different and fun that is the player has to catch, train, battle and even trade the Pokemon while wandering the region. The region of each game is also different. A lot of landmarks that player can explore there. Even, the regions of Pokemon games are not only inspired from the area in Japan but also out of Japan like New York City and France. There are also many forums and communities in the internet where they can share the information about Pokemon. It can be about the newest game, the hack of games, the project of hacking games, the characters in the games, or even they share their thought about the rumors about Pokemon games like Pokemon Z that is not released until now.

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