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Pokemon is a series of video games that come from Japan. One of the series is Pokemon Emerald. Pokemon Emerald is the final core series game of Generation III. So, it is actually a sister game of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. This game was released in Japan on September 16, 2004 which then some other countries also release the game.In North America, this game was launched on May 1, 2005. In Australia, it was launched on June 9, 2005 and in Europe, it was launched on October 21, 2005. Same as the former game, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald also uses Hoenn region as setting of the game. The region is inspired by Kyushu region in Japan. This third generation has some critics because of leaving some features. One of them is the day and night system that you can not find which was introduced in previous generation.

Because of its fame, a number of Pokemon fans make hacks of this game. There are several choices of Pokemon games which hack of Pokemon Emerald such as Pokemon Rebirth, Pokemon the Strongest Pure White, Pokemon Champions, Pokemon Blue Ice Max, Pokemon Emerald Lucario, Pokemon Ukemerald, Pokemon Ice Adventure, Pokemon Vherestorm Version, and many others. Pokemon Rebirth as a hack of Pokemon Emerald will be explained here and you even are able to do Pokemon Rebirth ROM download zip.

Pokemon Rebirth is a title of Pokemon game that is a hack of Pokemon Emerald. It was made by Link2999 for GBA Emulators and released in 2010. The story of this game tells about you as player who have a dream of being a true Pokemon Trainer since you were child. You love Pokemon and really want to challenge by doing Pokemon Battle. Then,  you try to make your dream come true by starting your adventure so that you can know more about Pokemon and the region. You train your Pokemon until your Pokemon become stronger and can defeat the Pokemon of the other Trainers. Are you interested in playing this game? If you play this one, can you really make your dream come true as Pokemon Trainer? You have to prove that you can make your dream come true and finish the challenge in this game. You can play it by doing Pokemon Rebirth ROM Download zip. You are able to feel the new experience of being a Pokemon Trainer.


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The new features that are available in this game are in the following list.

  1. There are new events.
  2. There will be nice graphics, too.
  3. You can meet new characters, rivals and trainers.
  4. There is day and night system.

The other hacks of Pokemon games that you are able to try to play are Pokemon Glazed, Pokemon Expert Emerald, Pokemon Steel, Pokemon Elemental Rift, Pokemon Dark Rising 2, Pokemon Viajes Con Celebi , Pokemon Mega Ruby, Pokemon Shattered Dreams and many others.Through the hack of Pokemon games, you are able to feel the new experience of playing Pokemon. So, what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself now!

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