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Pokemon Prism is considered as the unique game of Pokemon. It is counted as a hack but such an anti mainstream one. Usually, a lot of authors of the games of Pokemon make a remake version of the original games of Pokemon based on the popular games of Pokemon such as Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Ruby, and so on, it is slightly different for Pokemon Prism. Pokemon Prism was created by the author based on Pokemon Gold. As you probably know, Pokemon Gold is the first core series games of Gen II for GBC or GameBoy Color along with its pair named Pokemon Silver.

Pokemon Prism is like a very good hack of Pokemon. Everyone who loves to play the game in Game Boy Color or GBC platform will likely to love this hack. This hack was made by the author of the game called Coolboyman. This was released by him for the very first time in the year of 2007. Apparently, this game is in English and is available to be downloaded in Summer 2010 Beta version. Do you want to try the game? Please look for Pokemon Prism GBA download on the internet. There are many of it. Just select one and play the game. as the not, this game has not been completed yet. even so, it is still worth to try.

In the story of Pokemon Prism, you are supposed to be either a son or a daughter of Lance named Prism. For your information, Lance is one of the characters in Pokemon. He is a dragon type trainer of Pokemon. He is one of the member of the Indigo Elite Four in Gen I and Gen III and also becomes the Pokemon Champion of Indigo Plateau in Gen II and Gen IV.


Pokemon Prism GBA Download

One day, you play the mine cart of owned by your uncle. Suddenly, that mine cart is out of control and ends up in the region called the region of Naljo. Apparently, Naljo is the name of the developing region which bent on its dream of the instant industrialization.in the game, you as Prism have to find and collect all the eight Naljo badges. It must be done after you discover the lost Larvitar. Then, the problem occurs. It is related to the corruption of the region. Can you guess what is your main mission? Find out the answer by searching for Pokemon Prism GBA download now and play the game.

There are a lot of features of Pokemon Prism. Those features are included the brand new region of Naljo that has more than ten cities, towns, and many other beautiful places; there are 252 Pokemon in total. Those Pokemon are from four generations; the new set of TM or HM; the new sounds; there are some items in the game; the side areas for scrolling; the new mini games; the ASM work; the new system of the clock; the three new moves, and many other interesting ones.

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