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Are you a Pokemon addict? How many games of Pokemon you owned and you played? How many series and movies of Pokemon you have watched? Can you mention all of the games, series, and movies of Pokemon? If you are talking about Pokemon and its related, please consider Pokemon Origins on the list. Have you ever heard the name?

Pokemon Origins is counted as one of the Japanese anime television film. This film is based on Pokemon that owned by Nintendo. The settings and the characters of Pokemon Origins are similar to the original version of video games of Pokemon named Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. As for the plot, it follows the plot of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. This film is based on artwork, sprites, and other small elements from Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green. It is including some unique features like the green jacket of Blue and the Mega Evolution.

Pokemon Origins was aired for the first time on October 2, 2013 in the entire Japan with the story that split into four episode. In English, the first episode of it was released on November 15th, 2013 on Pokemon TV. Later, all the episodes were released on the version of DVD and Blu-ray on December 4th, 2013 in the homeland Japan. Aside from that, the movie with the English subtitles is also available on the streaming service for the United States called Hulu since January 3oth, 2014. The movie is also available on Amazon Video. To make it perfect, it was re;eased on iTunes on May 28th, 2014. It is with English dubs and available in the formats of SD (Standard Definition) and HD (Hight Definition). Another good news for the fans of Pokemon is that Pokemon Origins was uploaded on the official Youtube account of Pokemon on September 13rd, 2016.

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Media Factory does not own Pokemon Origins, just like the series of television. The animation of the film is handled by Production I. G. Xebec and OLM, Inc. Instead. As stated before, the film is divided into four episodes or parts. Apparently, every single part or episode was directed by different director of the studio.


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Do you know what Pokemon Origins about? The story of the film is about a young boy called Red. Red is a protagonist one. That young boy starts his adventure with a partner which is a Pokemon named Charmander. Red looks for the amount of known Pokemon in the region of Kanto. Step by step, he trains both of his Pokemon that makes the way of thinking about them changes.

Aside from a young trainer of Pokemon named Red and his Pokemon such as Charmander, in the film, you will gt to know Blue. For your information, Blue is a rival of Red. How does the rest of the story go? Find about it by looking for Pokemon Origins GBA ROM download now!

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