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Pokemon Orange Islands are the games of Pokemon that takes a place in an island named Orange Island. It is the biggest island or archipelago in the Kanto region. Actually, there is no game called Pokemon Orange Islands on the internet. According to some websites, there is Orange Islands hack made by D. Tyle on Poke Community. As the alternative, how about checking out the games with the same theme? There are two similar games related to the Orange Islands. Those are Pokemon Orange Adventures and Pokemon Orange Generation. Read the article before doing Pokemon Orange Islands GBA ROM download.

Pokemon Orange Adventures is a hack version of Pokemon Fire Red. This game was formed by ROBO-BOY in the year of 2013. A bit different from the others, Pokemon Orange Adventures just focuses on the most loved ideas of its creator. The author wants the adventures along the Orange Islands. In Pokemon Orange Adventures, you are supposed to be the protagonist who lives in Valencia Island. You have an eager to reach your goal as a true trainer of Pokemon and be known as the champion of Pokemon in the Orange Archipelago. Every single day, you always keep training, learning, and searching about Pokemon. To reach the dream, you team up with a niece of Professor Ivy. One day, both of you called by Professor Ivy to her lab of Pokemon. Apparently, Professor Ivy is researching about the bonds of human and the Pokemon. She gives a task to both of you. You will meet the son of Koga named Ian, four local gyms, and also three people from Hoenn region on your way. Another task of you is you have to stop the new evil team called Team Triad from capturing the Bird Trio.

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Pokemon Orange Generation is one of the remake versions of Pokemon Fire Red, just like Pokemon Orange Adventures. Pokemon Orange Generation was made in 2009 by the author named pokeant. In Pokemon Orange Generation, you are a young kid who lives with your mother in Orange Archipelago. Your dream is being a popular trainer of Pokemon. To reach the dream, you keep practicing with a friend of your mother named Professor Ivy at her laboratory. You never got the real Pokemon by yourself until one day when Professor Ivy get you the real one. Apparently, a grandson of Professor Oak named Gary Oak also gets one. In the end, you two fight for the first time. It will be your first experience, so it does not matter in winning or losing.

Does it sound so fun? Are you curious of an island called Orange Islands and want to explore it by yourself? You can search the Pokemon Orange Islands GBA ROM download to enjoy the games.

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