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Pokemon is one of the most favourites games in the world. The games that comes from Japan, was started as a pair of video games for the original Game Boy which were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. Do you like playing it? Do you feel tired and bored to catch the Pokemon and battle with the other trainers? Then, are you looking for another version of Pokemon which can really challenge you?

In the Pokemon games, there is Nuzlocke Challenge. Some gamers perhaps have looked for Pokemon Nuzlocke ROM hack download in any websites of games. What is Nuzlocke Challenge? For you who have not known about that, we serve the information here.

Nuzlocke Challenge is a set of rules that aimed to make a higher difficulty level when you are playing Pokemon games. There are a lot of players who feel that the rules of Nuzlocke Challenge are also aimed to encourage the use Pokemon that the player will not normally select and to promote closer bonds with the Pokemon player. The rules are self-imposed while playing the series of Pokemon. So, the game will be more difficult but significant for the players. The challenge’s name is actually taken from the comic series that features a Nuzleaf which is similar to Lost character John Locke as a repeatedly gag character.

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Pokemon Nuzlocke ROM Hack Download


Pokemon Nuzlocke ROM Hack Download
Do you want to do Pokemon Nuzlocke ROM hack download?  If yes, it is better for you to know about the rules of this games. The following lists are the rules:

  1. The Pokemon that faints is counted to die. It has to be removed or put in the system of Pokemon storage permanently.
  2. The players are only able to catch the first Pokemon that you meet in each area. If the first Pokemon that you meet weaken or run away, you can not get the second chance.
  3. The players must have nickname for all their Pokemon.
  4. Black out or white out is countered to be game over even though you still have Pokemon left in PC.
  5. The players can only use Pokemon that they have caught by themselves. It means traded Pokemon, mystery gifts and the other things are forbidden.
  6. You are prohibited to reset and reload the game if the things go wrong. If you do so, it will make the other rules become useless.

So, if you are interested and challenged to play game, you can play it now to experience Nuzlocke Challenge by doing Pokemon Nuzlocke ROM hack download. In this game, a lot of people like adding additional rules or clauses to theirNuzlocke challenges. It is usually aimed to increase the difficulty or even to decrease the difficulty. To know how the game is, you are able to watch the trailer in youtube or in the several websites of Pokemon games that discuss about NuzlockePokemon. So, what are you waiting for? If you feel challenged, find out more, download and play it!

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