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Are you addicted to Japanese anime, Japanese series, Japanese games, and any other things related to Japan? If yes, what is your favorite? Talking about Japanese, one of the options that comes to our mind can be Pokemon and Naruto, aside from the other things like Doraemon. All of them are like the icons of Japan, especially for the international ones.

Pokemon is one of the top games from Japan. It basically consists of Pokemon, the trainers, the catch and train, and the game battles. It was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995.

Naruto is counted as one of the popular manga series in this millennium era. This manga was created by a Japanese named Masashi Kishimoto. Overall, the story of this manga tells about Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto Uzumaki is described as an adolescent ninja. Just like any other teenagers, he searches for the recognition and has a dream of becoming a Hokage. For your information, Hokage means the leader of the village.

The manga of Naruto is currently the best selling manga series in the world with more than 220 million copies sold worldwide. Later, the manga was adapted into the television anime which produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. The television anime has been aired in many countries. With this, the popularity of Naruto series is one of the top.

Are you a fan of Pokemon? Are you a fan of Naruto? A you a fan of both of them? As a fan, have you ever wished to play the two in one game? Does it ever possible? Can you just search for Pokemon Naruto hack ROM download now?

Hold on, let’s read the article first. Your dream might come true with the help of some authors. Those author are in process of creating a new game called Pokemon Naruto. As seen on the title, Pokemon Naruto is the combination of Pokemon and Naruto. This game is the hack version of Pokemon Ruby.


Pokemon Naruto Hack ROM Download

The story of Pokemon Naruto is basically like the anime one. It is about the new hero or heroin who is in search to be a leader of the village which is more known as the term hokage. In the game, you are supposed to be either the hero named Naruto or the heroin named Sakura.  As the addition, Wally is Sasuke and Drake is Kakashi. Another source stated that in this game, you are either Naruto or Sasuke who has retured to Konoha. There, you get the task from Tsunade, the fifth hokage, to learn the various shapes of summoning Jutsu. To achive the goal, you look for your own direction. In the process, there will be a lot of unexpected and mysterious events happens.

Are you excited to look for Pokemon Naruto hack ROM download and play the game? Please be patient. According to the author, the game of Pokemon Naruto is still in the process. You just have to wait to play the game. Remember, the fruit of the patient is the sweetness fruit.

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