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Are you an English speaker? Are you also a Spanish speaker? Are you a fan of Pokemon? Are you bilingual by using both of the language and also loves to play the games of Pokemon? If yes, then, this game might be your favorite.

The name of the game is called Pokemon Naranja. Does the world Naranja sound so strange for you? For your information, the word Naranja comes from the Spanish word. The meaning of the word is orange. Yes yes, Naranja means orange in English. Does the word orange reminds you to something in Pokemon? If you think about the name of the island named Orange Islands, you are not completely wrong. It is true that Pokemon Naranja has the relation to Orange Islands.

Pokemon Naranja is counted as one of the hacks of Pokemon Ruby. By being a hack of Pokemon Ruby, it means that this game was made by its author based on the original Pokemon Ruby. Just let you know, the author of the game is called Sergio. Sounds so Spanish? Of course.

In the year of 2006, Pokemon Naranja was released. This hack has not been completed yet but it is available to download and play in Beta 2 version. Do you want to try the game now or to wait for the full version to be released? If you choose the first option, go search for the game and find Pokemon Naranja GBA download zip now!

The storyline of Pokemon Naranja is similar as the Pokemon Anime. Professor Oak asked you to complete the mission after you beat the Elite Four in a program named Indigo League. The mission that was asked is to receive the GS Ball in Orange Archipelago from the Professor Ivy. The moment you arrived in Orange Archipelago, you see a lot of pretty islands. Seeing those beautiful things makes you cannot resist the desire anymore. You want to explore the area and do your own journey. How does your journey go? Find out the answer by look for Pokemon Naranja GBA download zip and playing the game.


Pokemon Naranja GBA Download Zip

Are you ready to get one and play the game? With the two languages available, this game is certain can give you a new feeling. It is such a heaven for both English and Spanish speakers. It can also be a good thing to learn for one of either English or Spanish speakers. Enjoy some features of the game such as the new region named Orange Islands; the nice color scheme; the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Pokedex; the harder level battles; 2 versus 2 battle mode; and many more.

Hope you have a good time while playing Pokemon Naranja. Tell us the story of yours while playing the game with the game with two languages. Share us the feeling you are going to feel later. If you are not only an English and Spanish speaker but also speaker of another languages, you can try to make another version, maybe?

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