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Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back is the first movie of Pokemon that is released in 1998. As of the Pokemon television series, this movie is directed by Kunihiko Yuyama. This movie consists of 3 segments. They are Pikachu’s Vacation, Pikachu: Origin of Mewtwo and Mewtwo Strikes Back. When the movie was released, Pokemon was extremely famous.

The effect of the popularity also makes Pokemon gamer wants to create the hack of Pokemon game that tells about Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back. Perhaps you are one of the Pokemon fans that look for Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back ROM hack download.

Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red. The beginning of the game is the same with the movie where Ash, Brock, and Mistry are doing vacation with Pikachu and Togepi. Ash is hungry and when you speak to your Pikachu, it permit you to move on. You begin with a level 28 Bulbasaur, level 30 Squirtle, and level 35 Pikachu. Your first rival in the game is similar to the movie, a PKMN Trainer named Raymond who has Donphan and Machamp. After you beat him, you have to speak to the Dragonite messenger. He is going to invite you to meet the greatest Pokemon Master and fly off. After that, there will be a man who give you the HM for surf. Brock and Misty are going to go on to Old Shore Wharf without you.

When you arrive there, you have to rush in the Ferry House to avoid from a storm. The officer Jenny and Miranda, the owner of the Ferry House, tell everybody who wants to travel on the ferry to New Island that the storm is very strong and nobody will be able to go there. Three trainers that is Neesha, Corey, and Fergus go on afore. And here, the things begin to change. Ash make a decision to go on. Because there is no ferry, he has to discover his own way. Misty and Brock decide that they need to go home to their own cities before they go. So, they keep going. Ash has to visit newly redesigned Pewter and Curelean cities first before he goes back to Pallet to get his Charizard.


Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back ROM Hack Download

Several features of this game are in the following list.

  1. There will be new maps.
  2. There are new sprites, too.
  3. There are custom scripts.
  4. The storyline is new, following the plot of the movie.
  5. There are the first and the second gen Pokemon.
  6. You will find extra events.
  7. There will be partial DP Base tiles.
  8. There are movie characters.

Firstly, this game is in Alpha version. But, it has developed on RPG maker which is released as a Beta version. There are some reasons of switching version. There will be more features like dynamic cut scene like the Oak Intro, easier mapping, easier for spriters, and the looks will be better.

So, if you are interested in this game, you are able to do Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back ROM hack download. Happy playing, guys!

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