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In the games of Pokemon, there are a lot of names of the regions that have been known among the fans of Pokemon. Those regions are included Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Alola, Sevii Islands, Kalos, and so on. Kalos is counted as one of the most popular regions in the games of Pokemon. This region is the setting of Pokemon X and Y. For those who are hard core fans must be familiar with this region. The region of Kalos looks like a five pointed-star. There are many cities in Kalos region such as Vaniville Town, Aquacorde Town, Santalune City, Lumiose City, Camphrier Town, Cyllage City, Ambrette Town, Geosenge Town, Shalour City, Coumarine City, Laverre City, Dendemille Town, Anistar City, Couriway Town, Snowbelle City, Pokemon League, and Kiloude City.

According to Junichi Masuda, a creator of Pokemon, the Kalos name is from the Greek word which means beauty. Nevertheless, everything about Kalos region is based on the northern half of Metropolitan France and the Channel Islands.

In the games of Pokemon, there is a game called Pokemon Fire Red Kalos. Just stated on the title, you know that this game is the remake or the hack version of Pokemon Fire Red. Pokemon Fire Red Kalos is also more known as Pokemon Kalos in short. As the hack version, Pokemon Kalos has a lot of improvements and changes for the lovers of Pokemon.

Pokemon Kalos GBA Download Pokemon Kalos GBA Download


Pokemon Kalos GBA Download

Pokemon Kalos was created in the year of 2015 by the author of the game named Slenderjow123. It is such a perfect game because the game is in English so it can be understood by many people. Guess what? This game is already completed, so you can enjoy the game with a full of joy without worrying about the update. Pokemon Kalos is called perfect for a reason. Ever wanted to play the game? Go search Pokemon Kalos GBA download now!

You are supposed to be the explorer of Pokemon for one more time in Pokemon Kalos. You will be able to change yourself from nothing to everything by drowning yourself into the newly remaked Kanto region (or some other place). At first, you are just a boy or a girl, a normal one, who have a dream to be the trainer of Pokemon or even the huge dream to be the champion of Pokemon. In a sudden, you will help a professor of Pokemon because he is stuck in something. As a repay, he will gives you a Pokedex, a Pokemon, and some items. Prepare yourself, because you will face the unexpected things. Will you just stay there or drag yourself to go and chase your dream?

Pokemon Kalos has several features such as all Pokemon from Gen I until Gen VII, Mega Evolution, many new items and new moves, and the Ivs and physical or special split.

So, are ready to be the explorer of Pokemon and explore the region of Kalos with your Pokemon? Search Pokemon Kalos GBA download first and enjoy your journey!

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