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Pokemon is one of games that are liked by a lot of people. Pokemon has a lot of varieties of games because beside it comes from the original version, there are a lot of fans of Pokemon games that create new version of the available ones. The creative Pokemon fans usually create the new features, looks and storyline to make the player of Pokemon not to be bored and always feel challenged by the games of Pokemon. Some games like Pokemon Altair, Pokemon Ancient, Pokemon Aqua, Pokemon Ash Gray, Pokemon Aurora, Pokemon Battle Fire, Pokemon Blue Sea Edition, Pokemon Dark Crystal, Pokemon Emerald Dreams, and Pokemon Fire Red Kalos are hack games GBA ROM of Pokemon.

Perhaps you are looking for Pokemon Johto League GBA download. Here, we are going to discuss about that. First, let’s talk about Johto League. Johto League is actually the regional Pokemon league of Johto region which consists of a network of 8 Gyms and the Elite Four. When referring to the anime, it is known as Silver League. Someone who are able to fight in Johto League competitions is Pokemon Trainer who can get 8 badges from supported Johto League Gym. In the anime, Pokemon Johto League Champions is the 4th season. It consists of 52 episodes about the adventure of Ash Ketchum, Misty and Brock by way of Johto from Goldenrod City to Cianwood City.

There is one of the Pokemon games that use Johto as setting. That is Pokemon Johto League Showdown. This game is actually hack from Fire Red. In this game, you will play as Ash Ketchum who is a trainer that can not be grown up. He was on his way to come to the Johto League from Orange Islands. In the game, you are able to get all Pokemon that Ash has caught in the anime. And, it also encompasses all stories of Ash in his adventurous journey in the Johto region.


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You are able to do Pokemon Johto League GBA download.  But now, you have to know first about the features that you can enjoy in the game.

  1. The system of graphics is changed in Routes and you are also able to find several hidden cities.
  2. There are new tiles and new sprites for the game.
  3. You are not only able to play Ash, but you can also play the other characters.
  4. Here, Team Rocket become stronger. So, Never underestimate them.
  5. There is Day/Night system.
  6. There is a new title screen.
  7. There are new maps to explore the areas.

Beside Pokemon Johto League Showdown, there is also another game of Pokemon in Johto that is Pokemon Johto Adventure-Rebirth which is also a hack of  Fire Red. The features of Pokemon Johto Adventure-Rebirth are:

  1. You will be back to the Johto region in new designs.
  2. You will live the moments of the Johto saga.
  3. You will meet Brock, Misty, Casey, Pikachu and the other characters.
  4. There will be new maps for Johto region.
  5. You can catch the Pokemon that Ash catch in the anime.

So, which one is interesting? It is up to you. Now, you just need to do Pokemon Johto League GBA download in the website and play it.

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