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There are two kinds of Pokemon Johto. Both of Pokemon Johto are the hacks version of Pokemon Fire Red. Apparently, Johto is the name of the region in the game Pokemon. The first one is Pokemon Johto League Showdown. Pokemon Johto League Showdown was created by Astraea. It was released in the year of 2013. Just like many remake version of Pokemon Fire Red, in this game, you will take a role as Ash Ketchum. Ash Ketchum is described as the trainer who cannot be grown up (like really). At the time, he was from the island named Orange Island while on his way to Johto League.

In Pokemon Johto League Showdown, you have a lot of opportunities to get all the Pokemon. Those Pokemons are Pokemons that have been caught by Ash Ketchum in the anime. Another story of Pokemon Johto League Showdown involves all the stories of Ash Ketchum in his own adventurous trip in the region of Johto. In the Pokemon Johto League Showdown, you can find some features such as the system of graphics that is changed in Routes, the new tiles, the new sprites for this game, the system of day or night, the new title screen, and the new map for exploring areas. You can also find some hidden cities in the game. Pokemon Johto League Showdown allows you to play other characters beside Ash Ketchum. As the note, do not underestimate the Team Rocket. In this game, Team Rocket has become stronger than ever.


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The second one is Pokemon Johto Adventures-Rebirth. Pokemon Johto Adventures was made by Co500 in 2012. Just like Pokemon Johto League Showdown, Pokemon Johto Adventures-Rebirth also will bring you to the memories of the region of Johto. In this game, Ash Ketchum has a dream to be the master of Pokemon. He wants to get many Pokemons as he can. To reach his dream, he should get eight badges of Johto League first. Those badges are spread in the Johto region. The journey starts when Ash go to strange direction on his way to New Bark Town. Many say that there are two strange people who are talking with Pokemon. In tat time, many emotional moments are come. the features of Pokemon Johto Adventures includes returning to Johto with the new designs, living the times of Johto again, meeting Brock, Misty, Casey, Pikatchu, and other Pokemons on your way, new maps for Johto, catching the Pokemon that can be caught by Ash Ketchum in the anime.

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The answer to the question of where to get Pokemon Johto GBA download zip is no one than the internet. One of the websites you must consider is www.carlocar.net. Just type Pokemon Johto in the search column and you will be directed to the page.

That website has the link of Pokemon Johto GBA download zip. Click the link to download and you will get the file in the zip form.

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