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Pokemon is one of the famous game in the world. People like to play Pokemon because they feel have fun while playing it. For some gamers, it is also challenging. Pokemon game is able to balance so that it can be easy but also challenging. So, the players of Pokemon are not only children but also adults.

Pokemon Island was created from RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. It is a fan game of Pokemon  which is completed. A lot of Pokemon fans expect that they will get a completed game. And in this game, you can get what you want that is having the game which is completed. How to do Pokemon Island GBA ROM download? We will explain that later.

Once upon a time, several people were lost in an island which is unknown. When they were wandering to look for food, several Pokemon helped them. Then, they stayed and developed the island so that it becomes a modern place for all Pokemon trainers around the world. A lot of people visit the island to enjoy the fresh air, look for food, train the Pokemon to make them stronger. There is an annual tournament of this place to choose trainer and find the popular title Pokemon Champion.

The features of Pokemon Island are:

  1. National Dex that you will get at the beginning with all 649 Pokemon Gen 1 to Gen V.
  2. There is only the Pokemon Colosseum. There will not be a Gym and Elite Four.
  3. Players can choose 1 from 8 characters that are available.
  4. The moves spread out from Gen I to Gen V and several of them that come from Gen IV and Gen V was modificated.
  5. The capabilities are from Gen III
  6. Items are from Gen VI
  7. The system of graphics includes the quality of Gen III but the sprites of battle are different
  8. To play this, there is only one screen.
  9. You are able to use items and there is no HM
  10. There is no real time clock

Pokemon Island GBA ROM Download


Pokemon Island GBA ROM Download

It will be fun to play it, right? To do Pokemon Island GBA ROM download, you are able to visitpokemonromhack.com. There are also the other choices like Pokemon Umber, Pokemon Chion, Pokemon Survival Island, Pokemon Marigold, Pokemon Adventures in Aloma and others.  There are also the other sites that you can search in the internet to download Pokemon Island GBA ROM. You can also try to look for that game in the pokemonromhack.com. There are also the other games in that site like Pokemon Fire Yellow, Pokemon Dark Realm, Pokemon Francium, Pokemon Champions, Pokemon Granite, Pokemon Alternate Evolutions, Pokemon Kohaku Adventures, Pokemon Revenge, Pokemon Smiley Face and many more.

That is all about Pokemon Island GBA ROM download. It is better for you who really like playing games especially Pokemon to play this title. By playing this game, you will experience the different sensation of playing Pokemon. So, happy playing!

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