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Pokemon games is games that are in the series form. Until now, there are 7 generations in total. The fifth generation was released in Japan on September 18, 2010 with the title is Pokemon Black and White. Then, these series of games were released in March 2011 in the other countries such as Europe, Australia and North America. Same as the previous generation, these games were released on the Nintendo DS. Do you look for Pokemon hack ROMs Quinta Generacion? Here, we firstly will explain about Pokemon Gen V.

The game takes place in Unova region. It is far from the regions that were introduced in the previous generations. Pokemon games usually take the area of Japan as inspiration of setting. But in this generation, Unova region is based on the area which is out of Japan. The inspiration is from metropolitan area in New York City.

The starter Pokemon in this game is similar to the starters in the prior generation. In this generation, there are a lot of new improvements in almost every parts like plots, towns, graphics, battle changes, rivals, Gym Leaders, The Elite Four, viewpoints, landscape, competition, legendary encounters and many others. In Pokemon Gen V, there are 156 new Pokemon which starts from Victini and end with Genesect.

Pokemon hack ROMs Quinta Generacion

The battle changes that happen in this games that is Pokemon in this generation can move during the battle. If your Pokemon is not healthy or tired until it turns red, the music of battle will be different and the move of Pokemon will be slower. Besides, you can also discover the weather on the menu of battle. There will be triple battles and new rotation battles and others. The cities are in 3D which also have been enlarged to massive scale and town which stay the same. Then, in the competitions, there will be Pokemon Musical that enables you to enter your Pokemon in the musical like Pokemon Contest. There is also Battle Subway which enable you to fight trainers while riding a Subway, Royal Unova that is a ship in Castelia City, and Poke Transfer Lab. There are still many fantastic features that you can enjoy in this Generation.

If you have tried to play this generation and you want to play the other something new or we can call hack of this game, you can search Pokemon hack ROMs Quinta Generacion. One of the game that is hack of Pokemon Black for example is Pokemon Black: Master Edition. Here, you can get the Pokemon without trading and you can get several Pokemon from the other regions. There will also new ways of evolution such as Eevee will evolve into Leafeon with leaf stone, Feebas will evolve into Milotic via happiness, and Shelmet will evolve into Accelgor if it levels up Karrablst in party.There is also Pokemon Nightmare Black 2 and Pokemon Blaze Black 2 that are hack of Pokemon Black 2. Besides, Pokemon Volt White 2 which is hack of Pokemon White 2 also can be your choice to play.

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