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Pokemon Gold is counted as one of the versions of Pokemon. It is the first core series games of Generation II along with Pokemon Silver. It was developed by the developer called Game Freak and was published by Nintendo for GBC or Game Boy Color. In its homeland Japan, Pokemon Gold was released in 1999. For Australia and North America, it was in 2000. As for the Europe, it was released in the year of 2001.

The pair of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver have 100 new species of Pokemon without removing the previous characters. Pokemon Gold is considered by many sides as the best games of Pokemon among all of the series. In the year of 2010, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver got 23 million units recorded sales.

The story of Pokemon Gold is about the player who get the first Pokemon from Professor Elm, a scientist of region’s local Pokemon. That first Pokemon is between Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. After getting one, the story begins. That boy, the character, must do the journey in order to win the eight Gym Badges of Johto region. In the journey, he will face the Elite Four and Champion to be the new Pokemon Master of the region. However, there is a rival who is a boy who stole one of the Pokemon owned by Professor Elm. That boy throw the challenge to them to test the strengths.


Pokemon Gold Randomizer ROM Android Download

Playing Pokemon is such a fun activity. But, most of people get boring while playing one over and over again. To solve this, there is a thing called randomizer. What is randomizer? Randomizer can be defined as a program to randomize. What kind of thing that can be randomized? It is the Pokemon. Randomizer is able to randomize the Pokemon you get in the wild, the starters of Pokemon, the rival of Pokemon trainers, the types of element of Pokemon, the abilities of Pokemon, the name of the trainers and their classes, and so on. The process of randomizing is very easy. Try one to prove it.

Does Pokemon Gold can be randomizes by randomizer? Of course, Pokemon Gold can be randomized. Does randomizer can only work on personal computer? Nowadays, playing games in the personal computer is such a rare thing. Most of people prefer playing one on their smart phone. With smart phone, you can play the game anywhere. Then, can you play one on your smart phone like Android? Does Pokemon Gold Randomizer ROM Android existed?

The answer to the question is yes. This website provides the access of the randomizer of Pokemon Gold for your Android along with some information about the Pokemon Gold and randomizer itself, as explained in the sentences above. If you are looking for Pokemon Gold Randomizer ROM Android here, then, you come to the right place. Get one in order to play one on your Android. After you get one, you can get the experience of the truly original gaming.

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