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A lot of people like playing Pokemon not only because of the cute monsters like Pikachu or Mew but also it is a unique game where you can catch the pokemon, train them to be stronger, battle them with the other trainer’s pokemon and also trade them. This game has 7 generations and every games are usually released one game each year by Nintendo. That’s why there are a lot of fans who make the other versions of the existing Pokemon games or we can call Pokemon hacks. Pokemon Glazed is one of the Pokemon hacks that is very popular. You can search and do Pokemon Glazed GBA ROM download Emuparadise.

Pokemon Glazed is hack of Pokemon Emerald. Pokemon Emerald itself is the final core series game of Generation III and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are sister game to Pokemon Emerald.  The creator is Redriders180 and it was released in 2012. To play this game on PC you need GBA Emulators. The story of this game is about you who were born in small town twelve years ago in Tunod region. On your birthday, same as the other boys in the town, you will get the first Pokemon which then will be your mate forever and secure you. If you speed up your journey, it can be dangerous. So, you must prepare well to make a journey in Tunod. The news on television discuss about a power that is mysterious and it will destroy the world and Pokemon world as well. There, you will also be curious of mysterious team in the ancient ruins.

Pokemon Glazed GBA ROM Download Emuparadise

So, what are the new features of this Pokemon hack? In Pokemon Glazed, you are able to enjoy the following features.

  1. There is new region that is Tunod.
  2. You are able to capture all starters that you see.
  3. You will take a trip via all regions which includes Rankor and Johto.
  4. Pokemon from Gen I, II, III, IV and V will be available in Pokedex.
  5. If usually there are three starters to choose, in this game there will be five starters to choose.
  6. There will be new storyline with new characters.
  7. There are also new graphics, sprites and new effects of battle.
  8. There are Legendary Pokemon from Gen III, IV and V.
  9. If you have beat Gym Leaders, you are able to battle with them again.


Pokemon Glazed GBA ROM Download Emuparadise Here

What about you? Is it interesting? If you think that this game is cool and you want to play it, you just have to do Pokemon Glazed GBA ROM download Emuparadise. If you are not satisfied reading this review and you want to see how the game is, you are also able to watch the video of review of Pokemon Glazed.

The other Pokemon hack games of Pokemon Emerald which can be your choice too are Pokemon Champions, Pokemon Blue Ice Mx, Pokemon Emerald Lucario, Pokemon Ukemerald, Pokemon Iron Version, Pokemon Ice Adventure, Pokemon Vherestorm Version and many others. So, happy playing!

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