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A lot of people spend much time to play games including playing Pokemon. Moreover, a lot of fans of Pokemon make hacked Pokemon games. There are a lot of fan made games of Pokemon because a lot of people that like playing it but they perhaps are bored with the original look, features and stories or anything else. So, that’s why there are Pokemon games fan made. The game is usually modified from the exist one. For example, Pokemon Ultra Violet is hacked from Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Snakewood is hacked from Pokemon Ruby and many others.

There are gamers who look for Pokemon Garnet GBA download. Here we are going to discuss about that, but before we go to that description, let’s find out about Pokemon Garnet first! The story begins with an important change that happen in your sixteenth birthday when you live in Irusia. You begin your journey as a pokemon trainer. There is Professor Elder who has three pokemon to choose for you. They are very unique because their genesis is the Irusian area. In this stage, you have to go to the laboratory of Fleurville to select your partner. You will find secrets outside your imagination.

The features that are owned by Pokemon Garnet (Pokemon Garnet GBA download) are a brand new region that is Irusia and more than 160 brand new pokemon to battle and capture. Irusia is a new area and a setting for Pokemon garnet. One main difference between Irusia and the other regions in the Pokemon world is that it is not similar to the rest, a Pokemon Trainer which resides in Irusia starts his or her adventure at 14 rather than 10.

Pokemon Garnet GBA Download

Pokemon Garnet GBA Download


Pokemon Garnet GBA Download

The Pokemon of starter for this area are the water type that is Toofin, the fire type that is Frilzard, and the grass type that is Inood. There are 8 Gym Leaders, An Elite Four and an Irusia region Champion and also new evil syndicates with bad intentions. They are Team Terra, Tema Neon and Team Aero. Battle Frontier adding new Frontier Brains are revitalized by Pokemon Garnet. New Pokemon cries, battle graphics and background, photographs which guides you via several minigames and also action-filled stealth segments and puzzles which are enigmatic and dungeons are created by the Pokemon Garnet development team.

If you are interested in playing Pokemon Garnet, just search Pokemon Garnet GBA download in the internet. You are able to take your time by watching the video sample on YouTube. By watching the sample first, you will notice the sound quality and the graphic. Several people even offer the game for free. You can choose to download it free or paid. If you are looking for the good quality, you may check eBay.

So, for you who really like to play Pokemon games, you are able to look for Pokemon Garnet now. You are able to experience the new sensation of playing Pokemon in different story, features and look. So, happy playing!

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