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Pokemon Eruption is a Pokemon game that is hack of Pokemon Fire Red. This game was made by Cooley and released in 2009. This game actually brings the story of Pokemon Silver into Pokemon Fire Red. So, the graphics still remain but the main story is rewrite based on Pokemon Silver. The title screen is also designed again. The most interesting things from this game is you will have a lot of missions and also you will find areas that will not make you bored. Do you want to do Pokemon Eruption ROM Hack download? Hang on, let’s find out the story and also the features of the game first.

In this game, you will play as Silver who are 14 years old. You will recognize him if you have played Pokemon Gold, Silver or Crystal. You used to be a bad boy but now you want to be a better person by changing yourself. To change yourself, you are going to take a trip around your region. Then, you find Team Knox that is an Evil Team. And you will find that with your Pokemon. Your mission here will be how to stop Team Knox and you must beat Elite Four.

Several features that you can enjoy here.

  1. Here, you will play as Silver.
  2. There are new missions, new world, and also new events.
  3. There are new moves, too.
  4. There will be new areas, regions Senjo.

There are also still many hacks of Pokemon Fire Red. They are Pokemon: Broken Beacon, Pokemon Aerial Emerald, Pokemon Faze Version, Pokemon Zap Yellow, Pokemon Orange Flame, Pokemon Aureolin, Pokemon Nostalgic Red, Pokemon U White Version, Pokemon Savage Silver, Pokemon Gary Edition, Pokemon Requiem, Pokemon Forest Nature, Pokemon Frozen Pearl, Pokemon Harmony Version, Pokemon Yellow Storm, Pokemon Mystical Glacier, Pokemon XYZ, Pokemon Diabound and many others.


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Hacking of Pokemon games is done because a lot of fans of Pokemon that want to play another version of the original one. By hacking the game, they can add more things that will make the game can be greater. The hackers do this by changing the code of Read Only Memory of a published video. And the goal of this is to make something new in the game. The system of Pokemon main series is considered as a suitable system to modify so that it gives hackers the freedom to devote their great creativity.

Making hack of Pokemon games is also done by hackers because of the popularity of Pokemon itself. A lot of monsters that player can catch in every game. It makes players imagine about whether they are able to catch certain Pokemon in certain region of Pokemon games. Players also think about the other great additional features. Then, the gap of Pokemon release from one game to another game is long enough. And it makes players bored of waiting and play the existing one again and again. That’s why hackers make the other version to satisfy the Pokemon fans. So, let’s do Pokemon Eruption ROM Hack download here and feel the new experience of the game.

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