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Are you a lover of Pokemon? If the answer is yes, then, you must be familiar with the term Legendary Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon is like a group of Pokemon in the Pokemon world. Those Pokemon are considered as the powerful ones. They are called legend for a reason. Among 802 species of Pokemon, there are 47 Legendary Pokemon.

Is there a hack version of the games of Pokemon consist of Legendary Pokemon? Yes, it is. The name of the game is Pokemon Emerald Legendary.

As you can see from the title, Pokemon Emerald Legendary is the hack or remake version of Pokemon Emerald. This game was made by the author named mEch Chill in the year of 2014. Do you want to play the game? Go find out the Pokemon Emerald ROM hack legendary version download link right now! Right now, the latest version of the game is Beta 2.1. Pokemon Emerald Legendary is in English. It is certain that there is a smile in your face while knowing this thing.

In Pokemon Emerald Legendaries, you are supposed to be a trainer of Pokemon, a young one. In your childhood days, you have heard about a story. The story happened many years ago. It is about the Legendary Pokemon who got into such intense battle with some evils. In the end, those evils lost to the Legendary Pokemon and disappeared into the darkness. There is no one who has ever seen those evils since the day. Until now when you are growing up, you still believe that that story about the evils is just a story for the kids. It is just a common fairy tale to make children sleep easily. Back to the present, there are many strange things happen all of sudden. A lot of earthquakes happen nonstop, a lot of awful roars appear in the sky, and a lot of tidal waves happen on the sea. You are so confused and have many questions regarding the situation. Then, your grandfather said that it is them. With the statement of your grandfather, you remember about the old story related to the Legendary Pokemon and the evils. At this point, only you who is able to start the journey. In the game, you have to get all Legendary Pokemon, fight the evils, and save the world.


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Actually, the features of Pokemon Emerald Legendary are not that special. The features are so common like the other hacks of Pokemon except for the number of Legendaries. There are so many amount of Legendaries on the game. From the first route to the four routes, this game is full of Legendaries. Nevertheless, the author of the Pokemon emerald Legendary has reduced the amount of Legendaries in the later version. The author reduced the first four routes and rearranged those Legendaries to some various locations.

Did you already get the Pokemon Emerald ROM hack legendary version download link? Get one and play the game. Enjoy your journey in getting all of the Legendary Pokemon and the battle of burning the evils.

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