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Apparently, there is not just one game of Pokemon that has “crystal” name. There are two games of Pokemon that have “crystal” as their names. Those are Pokemon Liquid Crystal and Pokemon Crystal Shards. Both of the games have the same platform, it is GBA or Game Boy Advance.

The first “crystal” Pokemon is called Pokemon Liquid Crystal. Pokemon Liquid Crystal is the hack version of Pokemon Fire Red. It is like 99% remake of Pokemon Crystal for GBC. This GBA game was created in April 29th, 2012 by linkandzelda.

With Pokemon Liquid Crystal you can travel in two regions, those are Johto and Kanto. There, you can battle with the sma trainers and Gyms. In addition, you can enjoy the battle along with the new graphics and the remastered music. Pokemon Liquid Crystal uses the framework of turn based fight. In this case, the Pokemon you hold do the greater part of the original battle. For every opportunity, you can play the assault of solitary or utilize the solitary thing. Pokemon can hold just four different assaults any specific time. You can exchange them with another kind of Pokemon in your pack.

The second hack game that has “crystal” name on is is Pokemon Crystal Shard. Pokemon Crystal Shard is the remake version of Pokemon game which is based on Pokemon Emerald ROM. Just like Pokemon Liquid Crystal, Pokemon Crystal Shards is also the hack version of Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal on the GBC or Game Boy Color. This kind of game of Pokemon was released in the year of 2009 by Kike-Scott. Kiko-Scott wants to bring Pokemon Crystal of GBC to Nintendo GBA, so he made Pokemon Crystal Shards in GBA with the same regions which are Johto and Kanto.

Pokemon Crystal Shards has the similar storyline with Pokemon Crystal. It is about the Red who has defeated the dark force in Kanto after the three years. Then, a boy who is originally from New Bark Town, decides to make the adventure or journey in both Johto and Kanto. In the end, that guy meets Red and has a battle with him.

Pokemon Crystal ROM GBA Zip Download

Pokemon Crystal ROM GBA Zip Download 4share

The new features of Pokemon Crystal Shards include the new sprites, the new sounds, the good designing, the regions of Johto and Kanto in GBA, and the game play of Pokemon Crystal.

How does the both remakes version of Pokemon? Do you want to play the games now? Do you want to know the Pokemon Crystal ROM GBA zip download link? Hold on!

There are a lot of Pokemon Crystal ROM GBA zip download link on the internet. Prepare your gadget and your internet connection to get one. Many websites and online communities of Pokemon provides the link to download both Pokemon Crystals.

One of the website is TraDownload. Please check out www.tradownload.eu. In the front page, you can just find the search column to make it simply. Type Pokemon Crystal on it and the results will be shown. This website has many version of Pokemon Crystal download such as the full version, rar version, zip version. Click the zip version to get Pokemon Crystal ROM GBA zip download.

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