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The Pokemon games that is fun to play make some of Pokemon fans think of creating another version of the existing Pokemon games. Even, the imagination of fans about the game of Pokemon either about the character, monster, story and so on can be so far because they really enjoy to play the game. Some of Pokemon fans look for Pokemon Creepypasta ROM hack download. There is Pokemon Creepy Black that can be your choice for enjoying another version of Pokemon games. The game that is hack of Pokemon Fire Red was released in 2012 and the idea behind this game is Creepy.

If you finish booting the game, you will see the introduction of Pokemon Fire Red with Nidorino and Gengar as usual. But, there is no Press Start. Under the logo of Pokemon, there is a title Black Version. When you finish in selecting new game and seeing the usual speech of Professor Oak, then you will see an unusual thing. The unusual thing is a Pokemon that is called Ghost in your party. No one knows where it is from. Several time later, you will deal with the most creepy section of this game. When you use the Ghost Pokemon to battle, your rival can not move. Curse is only the move that you can find in the Fight menu. When you select it, the screen will turn black. And then, you are able to hear your rival cry in a very lower pitch and it has been distorted. The screen of the battle then will be back again. At your rival’s side, there is no PokemonĀ  which means the Pokemon died.

After you use Curse move on the trainer that you deal with, the sprites of trainer will be gone. And, a tombstone like at Lavender Tower will be replaced that trainer which means that one also died. You can feel an atmosphere that is horrible and scary with the soundtrack Lavender Town that is looped infinitely. This soundtrack is very spooky so that is why people do not like it.


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So, you can feel the sensation of the darkness that is mysterious and death in this game. To make the atmosphere scarier you can play the game while switching off the light. If you are curious how the game is, before you download the game, you are able to watch the video of Pokemon Creepy Black. Then you can do this Pokemon Creepypasta ROM hack download.

The other Pokemon Creepypasta games that you can enjoy are Tarnished Gold, Pokemon Blue, Goodbye Pikachu, Blue’s Tears, A Stranger Dream, Easter Egg, Lost Silver, Rotted Yellow, and Strangled Red. So, if you really like something horror you can choose one of the Pokemon Creepypasta games that mentioned above. Or if you have the other Pokemon Creepypasta games, you can share it. You can also discuss with the other fans of Pokemon Creepypasta in the forum of Pokemon community. You can exchange any information about Pokemon freely with others there.

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