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There are a lot of hacks of Pokemon games. One of the hacks that we are going to discuss here is Pokemon Celestial Light that is created by Tigerfang98 who also create Pokemon Essentials. Perhaps, you want to do Pokemon Celestial ROM hack download. You are able to do that in this site. In advance of downloading the game, it is better if we find out the story and also the features of the game.

In this game, you are going to visit Oplio Region which is famous for a heavenly place to live for Pokemon and human as well. For more than decades, Pokemon and human can live together there. One day, Team Venom that is a terrorist team try to rule and take control Oplio Region. They wreak a lot of havocs. They kill people loosely. They also rob and steal everything that they want. People cry because of this syndicate. All of sudden, there is a young hero. He is also someone who will declare the Pokemon Champion title of Oplio Region.

He has much knowledge about the world of Pokemon and he wants to explore them by himself. So, he decides to do Pokemon adventure like his predecessors. He know about Team Venom and he is going to be the one who are able to save everyone. Then, he will meet a lot of obstacles and challenges which includes opponents, gym leaders, and the Elite Four.

What kinds of features that we will meet in Pokemon Celestial Light? Here they are.

There will be 721 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI with full move sets for catching.
There are a complete list of items and you are able to use them for distinct situations.
There will be a following Pokemon behind you.
There are also all new and distinct gyms with new leaders, new Champion and new Elite Four.
There are all Mega Evolutions for Pokemon.
Oplio region map is able to be lengthened afterwards.

So, guys, what do you think of this game? It will be fun to play, right? Playing this game, you are going to have a more challenging Pokemon game than regular. If you are wish to play this game, you can do Pokemon Celestial ROM hack download here. In advance of downloading the game, you can see some screenshots of the game and watch the trailers as well.


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You can also share your opinion about this game with the other Pokemon fans in social media. There are some forums, communities or groups in social media that are made by Pokemon fans as a place for sharing about Pokemon. So guys, happy playing!

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