Pokemon Buried Alive ROM Hack Download

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For you who really like playing Pokemon games very much, you will look for the other games of Pokemon that can give you more challenges. You also want to play the games that is different from the prior games that you play. Have you heard Buried Alive? Or perhaps all this time, you search for Pokemon Buried Alive ROM hack download?

Buried Alive is a zombie of non pokemon that can freeze the game upon winning and omit your save if you can not beat him. Buried Alive will give you nightmare by seeing at the Game Over picture that is hidden of Red or Ash is eaten by him. A programmer created unknown Buried Alive things and draw the Game Over image of it.

When you are not able to beat him, he will says, “Finally… raw meat!”. The music will stop all of sudden and then the picture of Ash that is being eaten is shown with a big text “Game Over” at the bottom. The scariest thing is when the picture of Game Over is shown a reversed, slowed down, lower pitched version of Lavender Town plays. One of the PERMA side affects is that when the staticmesh.wav music file is stopped, the game is going to collapse and your save will be omitted. The song is about 3 minutes and it means you are waiting for the collapse and file omission during the time.


Pokemon Buried Alive ROM Hack Download

Actually, the Game Over is a trap. When the image of Game Over comes on the screen, the text “Downloads” the Game Over picture to the small internal memory of system of game boy that will overwrite the logo and sound of regular game boy. If it happens, the game boy will shows the similar picture with staticmesh.wav playing when you begin the system. It is recommended to do this on emulator before speaking to the tombstone which is on Buried Alive. If you are successful in handling the crash under the circumtances that seldom happen, you will still get the same Game Over without winning. If you talk to tombstone unintentionally, it will be a dead end. If you want to fix it, just simply by resetting the game.

Even though, this is not in the end, you are able to discover it by hacking the data and the bytes of the ROM that is enough. Speaking to the tombstone will make Buried Alive say this, “I’m trapped… And I’m lonely… So very lonely… Won’t you join me?” And the fight will begin. He should to be the boss of Lavender Town in the tower in the 3rd floor, has 2 hands which are white, a muk and a grimer. Don’t you think that it is just a wild battle but it is a battle of trainer. There is no programming for continuing the game after defeating Buried Alive, so the game will be hang on the black screen.

To know more about Buried Alive or before you do Pokemon Buried Alive ROM hack download, you are able to enjoy the video of it.

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