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Pokemon Blue Kaizo is such a unique hack. If other hacks of Pokemon are based on the popular games of Pokemon such as Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Ruby, and so on, Pokemon Blue Kaizo is based on Pokemon Blue. For your information, Pokemon Blue is a pair of Pokemon Red. Both of them are originally released in the homeland Japan as Pocket Monster that consist of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green.

Pokemon Blue Kaizo was made by an author of the game named SinisterHoodedFigure. This hack was released to public in the year of 2014. The game is in English so it can be understood by many people. Right now, this game is completed and is available to download in Completed 4.5 version. Do you interest to try the game? Go look for Pokemon Blue Kaizo ROM hack download now!

As stated before, the author of Pokemon Blue Kaizo was inspired by Pokemon Blue. Even so, the author does not change anything related to the original story of Pokemon Blue. The story of this hack was inspired by the other hack of Pokemon named Pokemon Fire Red Omega instead. The author like combines those two games together to become one game.

In the story of Pokemon Fire Red Omega, you can able to make your opponents team in the game become stronger. Have you ever thought about it? How can that happen? Just check the game out if you are curious about the game. Do not forget to search for Pokemon Blue Kaizo ROM hack download in order to get the answer.


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Pokemon Blue Kaizo consists of a lot of features. In this game, you are able to catch all 151 Pokemon. At the beginning, there are several kinds of Pokemon for you. You are allowed to catch the wild Pokemon starters on the left side of Viridian City and form a new team with all of those. In Viridian Forest, you can get the water type Pokemon such as Krabby, Poliwag, Psyduck, and so on by catching them. The region of Kanto gets into several changes in the new appearance. There is also the flash in this game.

this flash can be used by you in case you are going to the cave. When it comes to the items of the game, there is such a good new for you. Right now, the price of the items are lower than the original game. Go get them all and do not worry about your money. Aside from those good things, there are also some quite sad news. In Pokemon Blue Kaizo, the rate of the encounter of Pokemon is considered as very high. All you have to do is to keep calm if you cannot gt your own Pokemon soon. The GYM Leaders of the game are also more stronger than before. Prepare yourself and be careful when battling against all of them. Do not worry too much about the obstacles and just enjoy your game!

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