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There are not a lot of hacks or remakes version of Pokemon Ruby. However, there are some among of them. One of the most popular hack of Pokemon Ruby that has been known among the fans of games of Pokemon is Pokemon Battle Fire. Have you ever heard the name?

As stated above, Pokemon Battle Fire was made based on Pokemon Ruby. This game is such a recommended one. It is because this game is such a good and valuable one. Pokemon Battle fire was created by the author of the game, who is also a fan of Pokemon called Concorde. Does the name sound so strange to you? For your information, Concorde is one of the France words means a plane. Such an interesting, right?

The author of the game was released  Pokemon Battle Fire in the year of 2008. Right now, the game is available to be download in beta final version. As for the language, you can feel calm because it is in English. Are you interest to play Pokemon Battle Fire? Go look for Pokemon Battle Fire ROM hack download now! Before getting one, do you know what Pokemon Battle Fire is about?


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In Pokemon Battle fire, there is The god of The Sea which is known as Lugia. Apparently, he rules all the areas of the sea in this entire world. One day, the DNA of Lugia was gotten by a team called Vyris. Vyris is considered an evil team. That team got the DNA of Lugia and then made such a clone. That clone of Lugia was named the Virus Lugia. With this kind of stealing DNA, both of them was involved in such a tight battle. Everyone went crazy at that time. In the end, the Virus Lugi was enclosed and Lugia also disappeared. Today, that evil team Vyris has a plan to wake the Virus Lugia up. the goal of that time is no other that to disturb people. This time, the one who is going to be terrorized by Vyris in the Ernah region. That team was known as an evil team for a reason. In this case, you have a big mission of the game. The mission is that you have to prevent Team Vyris from this evil plan. What happen next? Get the game now by doing Pokemon Battle Fire ROM hack download now on this website.

The features of Pokemon Battle Fire is included the system of the graphics that has been changed a lot many times with the new improvements. There are about 202 Pokemon in total form Gen I until Gen III because it is based on Pokemon Ruby. Some characters of this game are some new heroes, gym leaders, Elite Four, and the evil team Vyris as mentioned above. In this game, there is a Fakedex to understand about Pokemon. The last one is the new areas that can be explored. The place is nice and a good place to catch Pokemon.

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