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Pokemon Ash Gray is a Pokemon game that is hack of Pokemon Fire Red. It was released in 2010 and created by Metapod23. This game uses the events of Pokemon Animes in order to make a gameplay that is new for Pokemon Fire Red. Here, you will play as Ash Ketchum and you will experience your adventure like what happen in Pokemon Animes. This game is completed 90% up to episode 50 and there will be another updates immediately. Pokemon Ash Gray is worth it to try because there will be new world map and graphics, lovely characters and your character here will play as Ash. You can do Pokemon Ash Gray Hoenn ROM download here.

The story of this game is about an amateur Pokemon Trainer that is you which your name here is Ash Ketchum. And then, you have a significant adventure to explore the world of Pokemon. But, you wake up late because you watched a lot of Pokemon Battles. So, you speed up to the Town Gate and receive your Pokemon Starter. And now, your journey begins. To see the review of the game, you are able to watch that in the video.

There is also another hack that is as fun as Pokemon Ash Gray Hoenn that is Pokemon Hoenn Adventures. Pokemon Hoenn Adventures is a game that is hack of Pokemon Ruby. It was created by Brock and released in 2015. Pokemon Hoenn Adventures has a lot of new improvements than the old origin. Once upon a time, you and your family just moved to a new town named Villa Root. The town is located on the Hoenn Region. When you finish setting up everything, then you go out and see that your neighbor that is Professor Birch is attacked by Pokemon Poochyena that is wild.


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Then, you go there to help him. He tells you to take a Pokemon in his bag and you are successful in helping him. When going to Professor Birch’s lab, he gives you a Pokedex with a mission that you have to fill in the Pokedex by wandering Hoenn Region and be a Pokemon Champion. A Pokemon game is able to give the happiness to you if you spend many time to play it. So, in this game, you will spend your time by going to the wild grass areas, the caves, and forests to meet any Pokemon. Use the Pokeball to catch Pokemon so that you can fill in your Pokedex.

The features of Pokemon Hoenn Adventure game is new side-quests, new tiles, using NDS graphics style, the battle background from Heart Gold or Soul Silver, a lot of mysterious gifts, the remastered soundtrack, TMS can be used, new capabilities, new moves, and the difficulty is not for new comer but for hard-core fans.

So, now you are able to do Pokemon Ash Gray Hoenn ROM download. You just have to choose which one that you like between both of the game. Happy playing.

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