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Do you like playing a game to spare your time? If yes, you must be familiar with a thing called Pokemon. Everyone is probably knows this game because it is counted as one of the most well-known games in the world. Are you fond of Pokemon? Do you play it everyday? Have you ever gotten bored while playing one? If yes, then, it is time for you to look for the different one.

If you are really loving Pokemon but kind of bored while playing it hundred times, please read this entire article. There is something new to play the Pokemon. It is called remake or hack version. One of the most popular hack or remake of Pokemon is Pokemon Ash Gray. What is Pokemon Ash Gray?

Pokemon Ash Gray was formed from the original version of Pokemon Fire Red. In the other word, it is the hack version of Pokemon Fire Red. This game was made by an author named metapod23. Metapod23 created this hack in the year of 2010.

What is Pokemon Ash Gray about? Pokemon Ash Gray is about the first 50 episodes of the anime version. In Pokemon Ash Gay, you will play as a trainer of Pokemon named Ash Ketchum. You probably know who Ash Ketchum is. He is like the main character of game of Pokemon. Ash Ketchum along with Pikachu are like the faces of Pokemon. When talking about Pokemon, most of people might straightly think about them. The story of Pokemon Ash Gray goes when Ash has the necessary journey in one day. Apparently, you are late because you watched too many battles of Pokemon in the previous night. It is such an unfortunate. In the end, you have to rush to the Town Gate in order to explore Pokemon World which is part of the adventure. There, you must get your Pokemon starter. In this game, you will play about 116 events in total.

Can’t wait to play one? Download the game now! Get the latest version of the game to make it even better. What is the latest version of Pokemon Ash Gray? Does Pokemon Ash Gray beta 5.0 ROM available?

Pokemon Ash Gray beta 5.0 ROM


Pokemon Ash Gray beta 5.0 ROM Download

Apparently, the latest version of Pokemon Ash Gray is beta 4.5.3. it means that Pokemon Ash Gray beta 5.0 ROM is not available yet. Probably, the author of the game is still working on that beta 5.0 version. For your information, the update version will be release soon. However, the exact time is still unknown. Please be patient and do not give up while waiting for one. Just like a proverb, the fruit of the patient is really sweet. So, hold yourself because the process takes the time.

How about playing the current version of Pokemon Ash Ray while waiting for Pokemon Ash Gray beta 5.0 ROM to be released? You can make your record of playing Pokemon Ash Gray better. Aside from that, how about check out the other remake versions of Pokemon Fire Red and other games of Pokemon? It is sure that you will still have the same fun feeling while playing one.

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