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Are you getting tired of the common games of Pokemon? Maybe, this hack version of Pokemon will make your day brighter. The name of the hack you are going to know is called Pokemon Apollo. What is Pokemon Apollo?

Pokemon Apollo is one of the fan made remake of Pokemon Fire Red. This kind of remake was done in the year of 2013 by the author MrDollSteak. When you play Pokemon Apollo, you will be allowed to be a member of the real Team Rocket. It is like the first hack that let the player does that. Pokemon Apollo is kind of different with other hacks of Pokemon Fire Red. In this Pokemon Apollo, you will be act as the antagonist one. How is that? Are you getting excited to do Pokemon Apollo GBA download? Calm down, let’s hear another explanation.

The story of Pokemon Apollo is put you as a part of the Team Rocket. One day, you will be in the locations of your teams when you wake up. The rest of the members inform you that your big boss named Mr. Giovanni has asked you to do a mission. Apparently, you are supposed to be excited and nervous while meeting your boss. The moment you enter the room of your boss, he gives you one Pokemon. The first mission your boss gives to you is you must steal the TM owned by a man who lives in Cerulean City. Step by step, you make your rank up yourself. In this case, you give such a big contribution to the awakening of the Team Rocket in Johto.

The features of the Pokemon Apollo include the feeling of the game under the eyes of a member of the Team Rocket. There are three new starter Pokemon such as Ekans, Koffing, and Grimer. Those are like the symbol of the Team Rocket. In this game, there you will not find the gym. When you are completing the missions, you will be get the badgets instead. There are Gen I and Gen II of Pokemon you will be faced. All of the sprites and the move sets are already updated. The physical and the special split will be shown in the screen of the status even without the icons.

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Pokemon Apollo GBA

Download Pokemon Apollo: google drive | mirror

Ready to play the game called Pokemon Apollo? Search Pokemon Apollo GBA download on the internet to download one. To make it easier, you can found on our site bro!! Type Pokemon Apollo GBA on the search column and discover the link to download the Pokemon Apollo. Beside for the link, you will be given the short explanation related to Pokemon Apollo in the page.

After completing the Pokemon Apollo GBA download, be ready to to be a part of the Team Rocket and act as a villain with the main purpose of gaining the treasures and the monsters of pockets you will steal from the other players of Pokemon. Hope you enjoy your time and have fun on your adventure as a villain.

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